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    Re: Should Hasbro continue to include pack-in figures with vehicles?

    Ah, we're better off with the new TIE Pilot anyway. Consider $30.00 for a TIE Fighter with a reworked POTF2 Pilot. Or, $20.00 for a TIE Fighter and $5.00 for a Saga TIE Pilot. Save $5.00 and get a better figure!
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    Re: Should Hasbro continue to include pack-in figures with vehicles?

    I think it depends on what the vehicle and figure are. If it's a new vehicle and packing a figure with it makes sense (like a matching pilot), than fine. But if it's a 4th, or is it now 5th, version of an X-wing, why bother. The thing that should really be avoided is packing a new figure with an old vehicle.

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    Re: Should Hasbro continue to include pack-in figures with vehicles?

    I voted sometimes. If the figure is new and never been made, then no. I never got Dak because I never found/wanted the snowspeeder. The Red Leader figure was horrible--to me it looked like the Y-Wing pilot's head on Luke X-Wing's body--it didn't even look like the actual guy. I think that if Hasbro offers the figure with a vehicle, they should also make it available (at one time or another) by itself.
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    Re: Should Hasbro continue to include pack-in figures with vehicles?

    Quote Originally Posted by mastermatt24
    Sure! pack-in figures are allways fun , sometimes they even have more articulation, like the Tie Fighter Pilot. but I passed on red leaders X-wing. Does the driod even come out of it?
    There's no droid in it. That's a cardboard insert. The socket is empty so you can put in any astromech droid you want. Hopefully Hasbro will give us a carded version of Red Leader's R5 unit.

    I'm all for the included figures. I agree that it is not always done well, but it can be and has been done well in the past. If it comes down to more versions of X-Wing pilot Luke, or yet another TIE Pilot, I'd prefer to due without--so long as it keeps the price down. I'm sure many people would be buying carded TIE Fighter Pilots to put in their ships anyway.

    Re-released vehicles should come with rereleased figures rather than new figures, so that we collectors who are completists don't feel compelled to buy something like the AT-ST w/speederbike just to get Paploo.

    Repainted vehicles with repainted figures is acceptable. The Target A-Wing is one of my favorite recent vehicles.

    New vehicles with new figures are very welcome. I'm very happy that the sandcrawler is coming with a droid and jawas. It's a nice bonus since I buy the vehicles anyway. Since most vehicles are exclusives these days, the price difference without the figures would be negligable. The sandcrawler would still cost about $50-$60 through Diamond.

    I liked that Amidala's starship came with the R2 unit. I know a lot of people crabbed about this, but it was a pretty unessential character. I'm sure more people would have complained if the only way to get an X-Wing Luke Skywalker, would have been to have to buy a $50 ship.

    On that note, vehicles like the skiff, would have benefitted from not having come with yet another Jedi Luke, but one of Jabba's skiff guards instead. Again, a non-essentail character for those passing on the vehicle, but a cool pack in for those of us buying it.

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    Re: Should Hasbro continue to include pack-in figures with vehicles?

    I voted, "Sometimes, but less of 'em"

    In general, I've liked getting pack-in figures with my vehicles. There's been some that I really liked (Geo Pilot, A-Wing Pilot, Amidala's R2) and there's been some that I didn't like (Skiff Luke, Red Leader) and other that I couldn't care less about. I'm happy that these new OTC vehicles come without figures, and are cheaper. That's the way the vintage ones came -- that's what it's all about. For the Sandcrawler, the pack-ins are what will probably convince me to get it, (Jawas I don't need, but I want that droid.)

    So... I dunno. "Sometimes, but less of 'em."
    Mostly, just stick to droids and well made, unique pilots I suppose.

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    Re: Should Hasbro continue to include pack-in figures with vehicles?

    I voted yes, but with some hesitation.

    I like pack-in figures, especially if they are new or resculpted figures. Hasbro got it right with last year's A-wing.

    Hasbro should've packed some exclusive figures with the Imp shuttle two years ago. Great ship but for the price, there should've been a figure/figures with it.

    If what we've read is true, I'm not going to run to Sam's and purchase the OTC Falcon because of the pack-in Han and Chewie figures.

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    Re: Should Hasbro continue to include pack-in figures with vehicles?

    I voted for the figures. to me the more figures the better. Sure a lot of them haven't been worth the effort but that wasn't an option on the poll. I want good figure pack-ins and from the sounds of it most of you do too, but have been so soured by past experience that you would rather do without than have another figure you hated. I doubt however that the TIE dropped $10 just because it is without figure. I'm sure half of that is due to the fact that the mold has already been paid for from the previous release so on the books it is cheaper for Hasbro. So because I would like so many pilots I want pack ins but I want them to be good figures not like red leader.
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    Re: Should Hasbro continue to include pack-in figures with vehicles?

    I like the idea of getting a relevant figure with a vehicle, however in an attempt to be a completist, it forces one to re-purchase items (vehicles) that you already have. I'm not in favor of that. I'm sure from a marketing perspective it works well on many levels, but to have to essentially pay upwards of $30 bucks just to get one new figure doesn't make sense after a while.

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    Re: Should Hasbro continue to include pack-in figures with vehicles?

    I had to vote sometimes. I've given up on purchasing vehicles that don't have a figure (I just can't afford it). Even then, the figure needs to be good. I passed on the Red Leader X-wing, because it's x-wing luke's body, with generic x-wing pilot head (I actually think it's the same head that's on Dak). But I'll get the Sandcrawler because of the droid. If the figures are going to be cheap pieces of garbage, skip them.

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    Re: Should Hasbro continue to include pack-in figures with vehicles?

    I voted yes, continue packing figures with vehicles.

    As an adult collector I generally don't purchase vehicles for myself - I wait to receive them as Christmas or birthday gifts. I like seeing figures with the vehicles, whether they are repacks or repaints. I don't think I want all new wonderfully sculpted figures as pack-ins. It would be too tempting to buy them.

    I would think that child collectors would be totally bummed if they just got a brand new Star Wars spaceship and there was no pilot included to fly it.

    Bottom Line - pack-ins are good. They increase the immediate playability of the toy.


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