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    Re: Should Hasbro continue to include pack-in figures with vehicles?

    I voted no. It's because of these pack-in figures that we still don't have an accurate A-Wing Pilot. Anybody remember the differences in sculpting between the Carbon-Freeze Chamber Pack-In Bespin Guard and the POTJ Carded Bespin Guard? That's the number one reason why we should never EVER get pack-in figures.
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    Re: Should Hasbro continue to include pack-in figures with vehicles?

    Quote Originally Posted by sbarkema
    r. The thing that should really be avoided is packing a new figure with an old vehicle.
    I think that is the only way hasbro thinks it can sell some of its vehicles.. If we got another X-wing or whatever every year would you just buy it for the ship? But by putting a new fgure in with it its an enitre new vehicle so more people, not just the completists, will buy it.
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    Re: Should Hasbro continue to include pack-in figures with vehicles?

    Admitedly, if Hasbro put out the same X-Wing, with decals for the wings so that you could make them "Red 1 - Red whatever" I would pick several up, but in this case, I would also prefer if the pilots and droids came seperately, or as mail 2-packs.

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    Re: Should Hasbro continue to include pack-in figures with vehicles?

    I voted no because the overall quality of the pack-in figures usually seems to be lacking. I'd rather the vehicle price be lower allowing me to pick up the figures individually if I find them to be up to my standards. Most of the pack-in's are just old figures or consist mostly of parts from previous molds anyway so if they stopped including them I wouldn't miss it.
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    Re: Should Hasbro continue to include pack-in figures with vehicles?

    Quote Originally Posted by B'Omarr Monkey
    I mentioned the Target A-Wing before; Paploo was nice, even though the vehicles were rereleases; Dack could have been better, but wasn't bad; the Geonosian pilot was a nice figure; Bespin guard from the carbon Freezing Chamber was nice; most of the beast sets had decent figures, etc.
    The green A-wing figure was just another repaint from the Cinema Scene 3pack (though it was a quality repaint); Dack & Luke were cobbled together with mostly POTF2 parts, not that great; Bespin Guard was one of the worst pack-ins of all time (I'd nominate the scanning trooper as the other - hell, even Veers is better... barely); ANH and TPM Jabbas both had weak pack-ins - I dunno, they seem pretty poor to me.

    Was Dack made without a removable helmet figuring that most collectors weren't going to take it out of the box anyway?
    Dack was made w/out a removable helmet because he's a retool of the POTF2 Luke pilot head (which you can also see reused in that same set with Luke which was reused in the Target cup set, in the Falcon carrying case with Wedge, and with the Red Leader x-wing set).

    I dunno, I'm just really surprised at how overwhelming the votes are for keeping these considering the quality. I think I'm gonna list 'em all from the modern line (except for like "Invasion Force" and made-up stuff of that sort, deluxe-style figures, and video games):
    1. Biker Scout (Imperial Speeder Bike, '96)
    2. Luke Endor (Luke Speeder Bike, '97)
    3. A-wing Pilot (A-wing, '97)
    4. Leia Endor (Leia Speeder Bike, '97)
    5. AT-AT Driver (Imperial AT-AT, '97)
    6. General Veers (Imperial AT-AT, '97)
    7. Wedge Antilles (Millennium Falcon carrying case, '97)
    8. Sandtrooper (Dewback, '97)
    9. Han Solo (ANH:SE Jabba the Hutt, '97)
    10. Jawa (Ronto, '97)
    11. Luke Hoth (Tauntaun, '97)
    12. Han Hoth (Tauntaun, '98)
    13. Luke Hoth (Wampa, '98)
    14. Tusken Raider (Bantha, '98)
    15. Luke Jedi (Rancor, '98)
    16. Scanning Crewmember (Millennium Falcon carrying case, '98)
    17. Battle Droid (STAP, '98)
    18. Anakin Skywalker (Anakin's Podracer, '99)
    19. Sebulba (Sebulba's Podracer, '99)
    20. Red R2 unit aka R2-R9 (Royal Starship, '99)
    21. Darth Maul (Sith Speeder, '99)
    22. Qui-Gon (Opee, '99)
    23. Jar Jar (Kaadu, '99)
    24. Gungan Warrior (Fambaa, '99)
    25. 2-Headed Announcer aka Fode & Beed (Jabba the Hutt, '99)
    26. Qui-Gon (Theed Hangar, '99)
    27. break apart Battle Droid (Theed Hangar, '99)
    28. Battle Droid (Theed Generator, 99)
    29. rolled-up Droideka (R2-D2 carrying case, '99)
    30. Qui-Gon (Eopie, '00)
    31. Luke Jedi (Skiff, '00)
    32. Y-Wing Pilot (Y-Wing, '00)
    33. Bespin Security Guard (Carbon Freeze Chamber, '01)
    34. Ten Numb (B-Wing, '01)
    35. TIE Pilot (TIE Interceptor, '01)
    36. Luke Pilot (Snowspeeder, '02)
    37. Dack Ralter (Snowspeeder, '02)
    38. TIE Pilot (TIE Bomber, '02)
    39. Paploo (AT-ST w/ Speeder Bike, '02)
    40. Luke Skywalker (Luke's Landspeeder, '02)
    41. R2 Dagobah (Luke's X-Wing, '02)
    42. Geonosian Pilot (Geonosian Fighter, '03)
    43. A-Wing Pilot (Green A-Wing, '03)
    44. TIE Pilot (TIE Fighter, '03)
    45. Red Leader (Red Leader's X-Wing, '04)
    46. Darth Vader (Vader's TIE, '04)
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