In the last few years, a lot of the vehicles have had pack-in figures, but in the upcoming OTC line, the TIE Fighter comes with no figure at all even though its previous incarnation in the Saga line (as a KB exclusive) had a pack-in TIE Pilot figure -- the upside to this is that the OTC TIE Fighter is $10 cheaper than its Saga counterpart.

Another side to the issue is that more often than not the pack-in figures have been poorly received, such as the case with the recent TRU-excuslive Saga Red Leader X-wing; on the other hand, the Clone Wars Geonosian Fighter had a pack-in pilot figure that was generally well-received. There's also the issue of exclusivity, collectors who don't buy the vehicles won't be able to get figures such as the Geonosian pilot -- not to mention that this exclusivity also increases the chances of theft.

So the question is, should Hasbro continue to include pack-in figures with their vehicles? Do pack-in figures add enough value to mitigate the higher prices? Do these figures fill a need for characters and droids that might not be produced as single-carded versions?