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    I hate the Playskool Jedi Force Line

    I loved (and bought) the first Playskool toys and am looking forward to the Galactic Heroes line, but I cannot stand the Jedi Force stuff. They aren't cute. They just look goofy. And will that split the market on the two Playskool lines so that neither do particularly well?

    I've seen the figures they make of Spider-man in farming and fishing outfits. This Jedi Force line could get scary. Chewbacca the fireman. Princess Leia the meter maid.

    What do you think Tycho? You love the Playskool line don't you?

    They can keep it.

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    Re: I hate the Playskool Jedi Force Line

    I'm not in love with it so far, but I don't hate it yet either (though the X-wing is such a blatant rip-off of the original Galactic Heroes version it's sad). I really dislike the idiotic face they gave to Luke, and the big doofy smile on Chewie, but I kinda dig Vader, 3PO, R2, and the various accessories (except for the stupid saw that comes with Luke Endor, but his bike looks neat). What I think will go over well for this line is the size, these are almost certainly bigger than Saga figures if they're like the Major Powers, Rescue Heroes, and Spider-Man & Friends lines.
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    Re: I hate the Playskool Jedi Force Line

    I actually kind of liked Chewie.

    My problem with this line is that the kids that are the age this is aimed at, are old enough to play with the regular action figures. Sure, they'll lose all the accessories, which is why I take all of them away before I give the action figures to my kids. They don't care. They'll thank me in a few years. I've substituted the lightsabers with custom ones made of durable dowels.

    I think these are really aimed for collectors and not kids.

    It does say ages 4+ on the 3 3/4" cards, which is the same age that would be playing with these things. I imagine this line will disappear pretty quickly.

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    Re: I hate the Playskool Jedi Force Line

    I like the Vader, the rest look crappy to me at this point. The thing that freaks me out about 'em is the huge hands. Endor Lukes poncho looks like a dress. Bleh!

    I think I'll buy the Vader, and skip on the rest.

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    Re: I hate the Playskool Jedi Force Line

    Don't love 'em, don't hate 'em.
    I'll reserve judgement until I see 'em in the stores.
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    Re: I hate the Playskool Jedi Force Line

    I think the Galactic Heroes and their previous counterparts were a perfect way to design this line. I think their are kinda shooting themselves in the foot by diversifying a line that needed no diversification in the first place. Stupid people...
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    Re: I hate the Playskool Jedi Force Line

    I'm with JediTricks - I like the way Vader, R2 and 3po look, but I usually reserve final judgement until I see them on shelves.

    Hey, I'm just happy the Galactic Heroes line is coming.

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    Re: I hate the Playskool Jedi Force Line

    Just too many different toy lines to keep up with.

    These look alright, but with the OTC stuff just around the corner, along with the DVDs, then Ep3 next year, not to mention college in the fall, I don't know where I will find the money to buy any of this extra stuff.
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    Re: I hate the Playskool Jedi Force Line

    Damn, these are butt ugly! I don't collect the Galactic Heroes but I still like the design, and I cannot say the same for this line. I think they're trying waaaaay too hard to push the OTC toys, I mean really, it's just a DVD release. Besides, what's the deal with those non-movie accessories? I also think it is interesting that they managed to make an Endor Luke with a proper speeder bike, yet still haven't done that in the regular line.
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    Re: I hate the Playskool Jedi Force Line

    I'm definitely picking every one of the Playskool stuff, including the Force line.


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