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    Mini-Lightsaber Size?

    I have a strange request. Well, I guess its not really strange... maybe. Anyway, does anyone have a picture of a person HOLDING one of the .45 Scale Lightsabers? I have seen pictures of the scale lightsabers next to the regular sized replica, but since I dont have the normal size one it is hard for me to judge the size. I am thinking about getting one (or all three) and would like to see the size in relation to a person's hand. If you could help I would appreciate it!

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    Re: Mini-Lightsaber Size?

    As long as a credit card. Sorry, I dont have any pics.

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    Re: Mini-Lightsaber Size?

    Wow, that is VERY small, much smaller than I thought, maybe its not worth the 35.00!

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    Re: Mini-Lightsaber Size?

    I'm passing on all the mini-lightsabers. To me, they're less than half as good as a full size replica. If I'm gonna get a lightsaber -I'm gonna get a real lightsaber.
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    Re: Mini-Lightsaber Size?

    I've purchased each of the mini-lightsabers and am quite pleased with them. They are very nice.

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    Re: Mini-Lightsaber Size?

    Well on my budget, its about all I can afford! I am still thinking about it. My birthday is coming up so maybe I'll ask for one as a gift. I think they would make really cool display pieces on my desk so Ill have to see!

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    Re: Mini-Lightsaber Size?

    Yeah the mini sabers are great if you are on a tight budget, and still want to own a great piece from SW that's better than anything Hasbro could ever hope to put out.

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    Re: Mini-Lightsaber Size?

    BTW, anyone gonna shoot for the MR Convention Exclusive?

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    Re: Mini-Lightsaber Size?

    Yea, I'm going witha few people, I will try for 5. Gotta get them to the kiddies you know. (me too)

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    Re: Mini-Lightsaber Size?

    Damn! Until today I've been successful at boycotting the mini-lightsabers.

    I went into Media Play today to check out new stuff and I come across the new Obi-Wan mini-sabers. I pick one up to just take a look when I find a GOLD lightsaber! Couldnt pass that up! And only $30.99 too.
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett


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