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    The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

    For any of you who enjoy cheesy 50s horror-scifi movies, I really recommend this. I watched it tonight and it was a lot of fun. It starts off a little rocky,where I felt the joke was wearing a little thin, but once the aliens reach the cabin, it really takes off. It was quite funny.

    I haven't watched it with the commentary yet, but am dying to. The other extras are really good as well, especially the gallery of virtual "skelectables" which if they were real, I'd be doing whatever I could to find them.

    Very enjoyable.

    Oh well.

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    Re: The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

    AWESOME that you mentioned this. We had a bunch of flyers lying around on our breakroom table to go see a showing of this in L.A. My friend went and loved it, now I must go see it. We were just talking about how great it was...he got me all excited to see it. And now this's inevitable
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