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    Re: That Jeopardy Guy!

    I too have been mesmerized by Ken's incredible run over the last month or so of Jeopardy! JT pointed out right, he is very fast on the buzzer and always seems to nail the Daily Doubles. Of course I don't want to forget that he is one smart man.

    I just wonder how long it can continue (doesn't the season end soon?) and how many multi-day champions there could have been if they hadn't of had the 5 day limit rule (which has been around for 1 year only) for so long?

    I'm rooting against him btw, just as I do on any game show where contestants win enough and still want more. (Like in Press Your Luck when some greedy contestant would keep taking their spins despite the fact they were thousands of dollars ahead of everyone else). Granted it's not like he can quit whenever he wants to, someone does have to beat him. I especially don't like to watch shows where he trounces over the contestants, I just enjoy competition. Without it, the show is listless.
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    Re: That Jeopardy Guy!

    I think, if no one beats him, Ken will hit $1 mil and quit. Be the first person to do it. At this rate, it should be another week.

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    Re: That Jeopardy Guy!

    What are his winnings up to now?

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    Re: That Jeopardy Guy!

    As of last night (7-7), Ken has more than $855,000. He hasn't wagered too much during the final question the last few times I've watched. He's also missed several final questions, too, in the last two - three weeks.

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    Re: That Jeopardy Guy!

    I wonder if he's becoming more cautious to insure he'll hit the $1 million mark.
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    Re: That Jeopardy Guy!

    It doesnt matter, I dont think anyone will beat that dollar amount for quite some time.
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    Re: That Jeopardy Guy!

    That guy is so frickin' amazing! He doesn't even have to stop and think before he answers. The answers just come *snap* like that. Even things I never even heard about before. He knows everything about cities across the world. I'd be lucky to know anything about my own city Every day my grandmother calls up after Jeopardy all excited and asking me if I watched
    I loved it a couple weeks ago during Final Jeopardy when the lady next to him made her response "whatever Ken's answer is!"
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    Ken Jennings Breaks the Million dollar point!

    Just a few minutes ago Ken broke the record by winning a million dollars on Jepordy!
    hurray for birthdays!

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    Re: Ken Jennings Breaks the Million dollar point!

    he is so smart its scary...makes me wish i paid more attention in high school.

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    Re: Ken Jennings Breaks the Million dollar point!

    Gosh, 30 wins! He's my new hero!
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