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    JINNNNNNX! How could you? Ok, not really, she looked tired and her momentum got scuttled when she lost $3k on that second daily double.
    It was the first time in several shows that she didn't have a lead going into FJ, let alone doubling up on her nearest opponent.
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    Is it just me or does Alex Trebek come across as a bit of a snob at times?

    Generic examples in my mind would be when people give the wrong answer and he belts out "NO" as if the person is an idiot for being wrong. And then other times someone will give a wrong answer and Trebek will rub their nose in it about how they went the wrong way on an answer.

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    That's sure the way Will Ferrell played him on SNL.

    I don't like some of the judges' rulings on "close" responses. Case in point, the correct one should've been "What is the South China Sea?" but the clue included the word "South," and the contestant was thrown off by being wrong. Some of their pronunciation "errors" have been dubious, too.

    But yeah, Mr. Trebek is often haughty in his tone.
    "That's what Sheev said."


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