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    Star Wars: HyperSpace Club Question.

    I was wondering if any of you guys are memebrs? I was thinking of joining, is it pretty good? Thanks for any help.
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    Re: Star Wars: HyperSpace Club Question.

    I'm a member and yes it is good. It was really good when they were filming EP. III but still the Knollvision and the docs and Behind the Helmet pics are all good. Also, I can watch the Clone Wars cartoon. And, don't forget about the Insider. All in all well worth the $40 and I also predict that Hyperspace members will get to see the EP. III trailer before it comes out anywhere else.
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    Re: Star Wars: HyperSpace Club Question.

    Not a member. The fee is a little exorbitant and since I have a slow connection a lot of the multi-media content would take forever to watch. I'm not that interested in the behind the scenes content for fear of any spoilers. I love the films, but they are still formulaic and predictable. Even the smallest clues can ruin the movies for me.

    Now that they've taken over the fan club again I may join when my Insider subscription expires. Hyperspace members might be offered exclusive items in the future and members get a discount at That might make it worthwhile for me.

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    Re: Star Wars: HyperSpace Club Question.

    Not a member and never will be (unless it becomes free with a basic Insider subsription).
    I still see it as a slap in the face to Star Wars fans.
    Behind the scenes video? They had 'em before. For free.
    Exclusive photos? They had those before too. Again, for free.
    Chats? Yeah, that's new, but other movies sites do that (also free). Plus, other studios can get the big name actors or even the director.
    Live Cam? "WOW, it's photo of the lunch table!" "Oh, look! A stunt double!"
    Clone Wars? New, but no big deal. I taped Clone Wars (plus there's the eventual DVD). Beneath the Dome And how many times would you watch CW? Probably 5 or 10 max.
    Other video, like the OT DVD trailer? They used to have trailers (you know where this is going), for free. Besides, the trailer wasn't that great. Too little of the extras. We've already seen the movies,so it's notlike there was anything new there.

    Sorry for the rant, but Hyperspace really irks me (obviously ).
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    Re: Star Wars: HyperSpace Club Question.

    Thanks guys. I probly will sign up.
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    Re: Star Wars: HyperSpace Club Question.

    It's worth it IMO. I signed up the first week and although I was a bit leary of having to pay for content I quickly got over it when I was able to watch Lucas direct Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen live on the webcam.

    The webchats with Rick McCallum were awesome and I got alot of questiones asked and even had them printed in Star Wars Insider (twice actually)

    Now since Star Wars Insider and Hyperspace have been combined into one service it's definitely worth subscibing too.
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    Re: Star Wars: HyperSpace Club Question.

    I am memeber,somehow when I sent in my subscription card a YEAR ago,this new publisher picked it up and now I get the Insiders.Somehow,I also got a Hyperspace membership with this,talk about working the system.All for $29.

    If I didnt somehow get Hyperspace free,I wouldnt get it.Its a POS in my opinion.Nothing "exclusive" that you cant find on the internet for free with a little digging ;-)
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    Re: Star Wars: HyperSpace Club Question.

    I've subscribed to the Insider since 1999, and I love that magazine. Now that you have to pay an extra $10 a year for the Hyperspace to still get the magazine, I think it's worth it. Yes, a lot of the stuff used to be free, but there wasn't nearly this much stuff before Episode II came out. I actually feel bad that I didn't join a long time ago, since the features were probably more exciting to read about them making the movie as it was actually happening. And since the new webcam pictures are pretty boring, but there's still the old ones on there.

    Anyway, I like it.
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    Re: Star Wars: HyperSpace Club Question.

    There is also supplemental material on the net that goes along with each issue of INSIDER. I was checking this out earlier before I clocked in this morning. Very good stuff!
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