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    Re: Bad Service from MR, what happened? (merged)

    Before I called them by phone. The answer is same as the email : the item is sold out, we cannot to re-sent another one. On the other hand, Yes I live in Hong Kong. I had checked to DHL who inform us the box did not opened by customs and did not by DHL. Who open it? I push the no display plaque saber to the rubbish bin. I will not to support them and will not to buy their products. Because they are provide a very super bad service and only pull all
    the mistake to clients and no reply email.

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    Re: Bad Service from MR, what happened? (merged)

    I had received the repsone mail from MR who say "[font='Times New Roman']Your last choice would be to return everything and get your money back." Please let us know your decision.".What are they talking about? Now I am angry again. They are always put all the mistake to me. WHY?WHY? WHY? I am a client, why are they prodive super bad service. [/font]

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    Re: Bad Service from MR, what happened? (merged)

    I think DHL is mistaken, from what I've been told by UPS, USPS, and Fed-Ex, there is NO package that leaves the US via this sort of mail that isn't opened and inspected by customs either in the US or in the country of delivery.
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