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    Sideshow toys and star wars

    apparently news is just breaking that sideshow collectibles has some sort of star wars license. sideshow is best known for making super high quality 12" figures, but also makes 1/4th scale figures, busts and statues, along with some props and lifesize busts.

    i'm guessing sideshow will be making 1/4th scale(18" figures), as i just can't see hasbro letting them in on the 12 inch line, and gentle giant and master replicas are in the bust/statue and prop business.

    sideshow's 18 inch figures cost about $200 each and are really nice, have some cloth clothing, but aren't very articulated. they're like big statues, with a few moveable joints. would anyone pay $200 for a super-detailed 21" darth vader?

    here is a link to sideshow's 1/4th scale hellboy:
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    Re: Sideshow toys and star wars

    According to AFT, they're going to be doing 1/4th scale statues in Star Wars.

    AFT Sideshow Star Wars Statues News

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    Re: Sideshow toys and star wars

    Whew, I'm glad it's the 1/4 scale statues; I don't collect them. I was getting nervous when I heard reports of them getting the license thinking they would be doing 12" figures.

    I could just see them doing two versions of each figure they produce: "Jedi Luke - regular 12" figure has gloved hand. Sideshow Online Exclusive Jedi Luke has bare hands." Bah!

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    Re: Sideshow toys and star wars

    Actually I wish and hope that one day the do the 12 inch line. It would be much better than what Hasbro has done.
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    Re: Sideshow toys and star wars

    Check the homepage for the official announcement.
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    Re: Sideshow toys and star wars

    Quote Originally Posted by SirSteve
    Check the homepage for the official announcement. 12 inch figures.

    i'm officially boycotting all hasbro products untill they let sideshow in on the 12 inch line. hasbro needs to make toys for kids and let the pros handle the adult collectibles.

    if JAAKS and sideshow can share the 12 inch line for van helsing, so can hasbro.


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