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    Question Close to Completion

    Does anyone else feel that, aside from Ep III figures, most of what they've always dreamed of in a SW figure collection has come true? I know I have. Right now, I'm just sorta filling up the holes. Repacks are not for me, and resculpts range from "thank God they re-sculpted this" to "I can save some cash by not buying this one." Years ago I would have considered the HOF figures a collossal waste of time, but now I welcome them because I don't have to spend money on SW figures right now, plus they are getting others who missed out in the last few years into the hobby. I'm almost all caught up now, except for a few things I still need. Hell, I'm even able to buy NEW figures here in Canada (that has not happened for a long time.)

    I think right now it's a good time to be a collector.
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    Re: Close to Completion

    I don't feel that we're really close to completion. There's at least 20-30 major characters that could still be done for each of the OT films, before you start hitting really obscure stuff. And the two already released prequels have even more that still need to be made. Like all of Padme's costumes for one.

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    Re: Close to Completion

    I wish I felt more like that. I'm well over 95% complete from POTF2 to the end of Saga (with respect to loose figures), yet all I can seem to think about are the pieces that elude me. I wonder how I'll feel when I finally get that last thing I need - whatever it may be. No matter how many figures they repack, I still wind up worrying about whether or not they have any divergence from the original release - an idea that's been occupying much of my thoughts about how to go about collecting the OTC after seeing the pics of some of the "changed" figures. I don't know if I'll ever be able to say I'm truly done with this collection, I think there's always going to be something else to track down.

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    Re: Close to Completion

    I'm feeling close to being caught up, which is a far cry from how I felt a year ago (even six months ago) but nowhere near close to completion in terms of my want lists. I've had a top ten want list going for about seven years now, with very little adjusting due to AOTC. The last, and only chaarcter from my list that was made was, R4-M9. All the other cantina patrons, Amidala outfits, handmaidens, droids, and pod race pilots, etc., that I want seem to be slow in coming. If Hasbro didn't recently put a major dent in offering the population of Jabba's Palace, I'd start feeling like it would never happen. I still feel a long way from being close to fully satisfied.

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    Re: Close to Completion

    Don't get me wrong, I'd love more Cantina and Jabba's Palace aliens, Amidalas and Pod Racers, Cloud car, AT-TE and Homing Spider Droid. but if there was an announcement from hasbro tomorrow that it was only Ep III from here on in, I'd be satisfied with what we have so far.
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    Re: Close to Completion

    I wouldn't. I am actually looking forward to the line coming to an end. My wallet (and wife) will be grateful, but not without more of the types of characters I listed being released. They are the reason I've stuck with the line so far. I'd have been perfectly happy with one sculpt of Tatooine Luke, ANH Han, Darth Vader, etc., which isn't to say I didn't like any of the resculpts or added accesories. The resculpts are not what keeps me interested. If it were only redone versions of the primary characters, the line would quickly decline like the Batman line did with all of it's silly "Batman featuring Batmobile washing and waxing armor." I keep with the line because of characters like R1-G4 (who was on my top 15 list), Wol Cabashhite (who I could have lived without, but was thrilled to see), or Dutch Vander. Everytime we get one of these characters, it makes it more likely that one of the obscure ones on my list, like Wioslea, will happen. Maybe it's just a cruel tease on Hasbro's part, but it's kept me strung along this long.

    If the line ended without providing me with Wioslea, or CZ-9/CZ-3, I'd feel ripped off. I'd pay one of the people who do the good customs to make them because I feel they should be part of the collection. If we can get a second version of General Veers, then we should get Wioslea.

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    Re: Close to Completion

    I want everything. They should stop wasting money on all the same characters and start making the rest of them.
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    Re: Close to Completion

    I just get what I want. I'm not a completest. I do feel that there are gaps in my collection....especially when I drifted away from SW during POTJ, and also with last year's distribution problem, I missed on a ton of figures.
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    Re: Close to Completion

    I'm very happy with what has been produced and feel that with the obvious exception of Episode III Hasbro has completed most everyones list of figures they want made. I personally like resculpts (if they didn't do them we'd be stuck with beefcake Luke and monkey Leia for god sakes) and the one resculpt I'd really like to see is another Han in carbonite. Don't get me wrong the POTF2 Han was great but seeing as they're doing all of these resculpts and making obscure figures I think they should resculpt him also. And I'm not one for the expanded universe but they should maybe go to Shadow's of the Empire and make a couple of more figures from the novel although I don't see that happening when they can make such high quality and well known figures as Wioslea ( in case you couldn't tell that was sarcasm).
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    Re: Close to Completion

    I can't say that I am anywhere near completion, but I want any character that appears on screen that has more thought than a lycra jumpsuit. However if it all ended today I can't say I would be disappointed in what has been done. I could nitpick but there will always be that one figure I want more than the others. There is also the part of me that looks at my collection and hopes the end is near just so I don't have to come up with new display solutions (What is the point in have a collection if you can't display it?).
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