(7/5/04) Poughkeepsie -

TRU - had the OTC Vaders TIE Fighter (this store has been good with keeping the newer vehicles in stock this year, but as for figures, NOT A SINGLE NEW FIGURE YET!!!!! Other than the Ultra Jabba and his Denizens sets, this TRU hasnt seen a new-er figure since the beginning of 2004. And I'm talking about the Jabba's Palace wave, STILL havent seen that wave at retail). They also had an OTC X-Wing up in that "secret area" (the panel that flips open where they put the extra stuff). Other than that, a good supply of cruddy 2002 Saga figures, some old POTJ figures (I think the POTJ line was the only one I had good luck finding a few years back), and the Jedi Warriors/Skirmish....4-packs.

K-Mart (South Hills Mall) - Nothing new. They went backwards actually. This is the place where I found just one hidden Saga Bossk figure and since then they've gone backwards as far as figures goes. They put out a case of the Hoth wave a few weeks back and its still sitting comfortably on the shelves here.

Wal*Mart - Had the OTC Luke Lightsaber. This too is amazing because this place hasnt seen anything relatively new since January. I actually picked the lightsaber up to look at the packaging and stuff, then I put it down, returned five minutes later, and it was gone. Other than that, they had a good numer of Unleashed Obi-Wans, and one Hoth Han figure. This kind of led me to ask myself "did they get the OTC stuff in?", because there wasnt a single SW figure on the pegs besides the Han figure, so who knows. Then again, this Wal*Mart and never having figures is an all too common thing. I'm honestly considering getting the OTC figures online (I ended up having to do this with the new Saga figures this year, minus the Endor wave which I dont even have still because I'm waiting to see if I can get them in the OTC wave, and the OTC figures amazingly arent too expensive online.) But I'm also considering making my figure run a few times within the next two weeks and seeing if anything new shows up. If not, then its online I shall go