I'm sure there was a post about this web series, but I figured I would ressurect the buzz as it were. Now this flash series came out right after The Phantom Menace, however with the addition of Quentin Terrintino's Pulp Fiction into the Star Wars universe, It's very funny,however I DO NOT RECCOMEND THIS SERIES TO ANYONE WHO IS NOT OLD ENOUGH TO SEE AN 'R' RATED FILM. Now originally this was soley featured on the now defunct website pulpphantom.com. I remembered the series one day out of the blue, and typed PULP PHANTOM into the Yahoo! Search Engine, and came up with a lot of hits I tried th first, and there they were, all 18 prts of he series, presented as they originally appeared with the Maul/Fett Border and the Amidala 13 cent Pulp Fiction cover. I highly reccmend this series to Star Wars and Pulp Fiction fans alike, you will not be dissapointed, if you have seen it before re-visit it, It's still s greatas it always has ben and hopfully will be!

So without further ado, the link:


(Not recomended for those offended by Foul language, nudity, violence, or drug use)