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    How often do you come here?

    How often do you people come online?

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    I'm an internet addict and pop in and out all day long! Sometimes I hang around for hours at a time and sometimes I'll be in and out about ten times in a day. Depends how much my partner screams at me to get off the computer and do some work.

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    I check the forums a lot, even more now that it's set up so that you get emails about any post you're in. I love that feature.

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    I've already racked up 134 posts, counting this one, in the short time these new forums have been opened. Obviously enough that my social life is pretty much nonexistent. Plus, I just got the internet hooked up in my room last week so whenever I'm bored I just stop on by, instead of wasting time at work (which I still do anyway).
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    Oh my! Quite a bit. Almost the same as Jargo. I can be on hours on end or only a few minutes.
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    Australia - Home of the pegwarmers :(
    I'm on the net for at least 7-8 or so hours checking Star Wars websites per day!
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    Not as much as I would like to be. A few hours a day when I am not working.
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    I try to check in every day, but for some reason, work or family obligations seem to impede my priority of going online to SSG!
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    At least once a day.I always get on after work which is on the 3rd shift.Nothing like living alike a vampire.I enjoy it and it helps me relax.
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    Outside SSG, banging on the window furiously, yelling "LET ME IN!"
    I am forced to spend my existence on-line, traveling between computers, existing only as data. I am merely little ones and zeros. I am on line ETERNALLY....
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