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Thread: Vader's TIE

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    Vader's TIE

    I was never happy with the 97 version of Vader's TIE. The sculpt was awesome but the colors and the type of plastic used always bothered me. I wasn't gonna get the OTC Vader's TIE because I thought it was exactly the same but the colors are more movie accurate and the plastic is better IMO, not as shiny. I got it and am satisfied. The Vader that comes with it is crap, but I just put the old CG Vader in it instead, you can't really see him anyway.
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    Re: Vader's TIE

    I like the OTC Tie Fighter better. I agree, they could have put a better Vader figure in there. Hasbro is smart, putting all the old figures on new packages. They know we will buy it. Very smart marketing.


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