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    German Cannibal Redux

    I wasn't able to find the origianl thread, but wanted to post this update about everyone's favorite German cannibal:

    Famed Cannibal Inspires Feature Film
    BERLIN (Reuters) - Armin Meiwes, the German cannibal who gained global notoriety for eating a willing victim, is being immortalized in a movie by a gay filmmaker, and hardly surprisingly, the project is already running into controversy.
    The film, whose working title is ''Your Heart in My Brain,'' has received 20,000 euros ($24,580) in public funding from a regional film foundation in North Rhine-Westphalia, the western state ruled by Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's Social Democrats.
    Meiwes was sentenced in January to eight and a half years in jail for manslaughter after a trial whose gory details riveted Germany.
    He admitted killing a Berlin computer specialist he met via the Internet, but was spared a murder verdict as the victim had asked to be eaten in a startling case of sexual fetishism.
    Meiwes recorded the deed on video tape and shocked the court with his matter-of-fact account of how he severed the man's penis at the latter's request, and how they both tried to eat it, first raw and then fried in a saucepan.
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    Re: German Cannibal Redux

    Sick. (It won't let me type just the word "sick" too short)
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    Re: German Cannibal Redux

    hehe, Dr. E. How'd I know this was you

    Ya know, I've never heard of this guy before! Whatta trip! I guess this is a more "drawn out" way to commit suicide
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    Re: German Cannibal Redux

    Sick. Yup, that just about sums that up.
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    Re: German Cannibal Redux

    Why is it called "Your Heart in my Brain" ?
    "Your Penis in my Stomach" sounds more accurate . . .

    What a messed up world this can be.


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