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    TRU and the OTC 12" line

    I live in Williamsport, PA and the closest TRU is about 20 minutes away. They are pretty reliable when it comes to release info. According to their computers, the OTC 12" line is slated to be in stores on Wed 8/25/04. Anyone else hear any retail drop dates?
    I usually stick to the 3 3/4" line as a rule, but I will be buying at least one Stormtrooper and one Boba to open.
    BTW, this particular TRU has never had the Jedi Luke/Biker Scout wave. I still have yet to see either a Target Biker Scout/Bike 12"(I know, back market now) or a 12" individual Scout at retail. I would have even bought a discounted Leia and Bike combo just to put the Scout near it!

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    Re: TRU and the OTC 12" line

    I'm in Pittsburgh, and I can tell you the Biker Scout was in short supply around here too. I never found him as a single in box. I'm glad I got him with the speeder bike set. Keep looking, but the chances of finding this wave at stores now is getting worse. You may have to bite it on eBay....bleh.
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    Re: TRU and the OTC 12" line

    I saw the Biker SCout once and never again, and I live in Va. The nearest TRU is about an hour away in each direction, so I dont get there much. I am hoping Wally-World has these so I can stick em on Lay-a-way.
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    Re: TRU and the OTC 12" line

    I'm kinda worried that I won't be able to find the 12" OTC either. My TRU doesn't seem to get new 12" very often or if they do they fly off the shelves. I know Fett and the Stormtrooper will go fast. I never saw the 12" Scout Trooper at retail either.

    The nearest Target is about an hour and half drive but I did get the 12" Biker Scout and Speeder Bike. Around the time these were released, someone on SSG had uploaded a Target product code bar which I printed off and took to the store. An associate scanned it and found one in the storeroom for me! Also got the Y-Wing that way.

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    Re: TRU and the OTC 12" line

    Quote Originally Posted by jedi master sal
    You may have to bite it on eBay....bleh.
    Whats wrong with ebay?????
    hurray for birthdays!

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    Re: TRU and the OTC 12" line

    Hasbro has a habit of poor distribution of their 12" line which leaves quite a few of us left with eBay as our only choice. These poorly distributed figures are then often outlandishly priced on eBay as their seller knows that certain parts of this country never saw this figure. It would be one thing if such figures were short-packed and were truly a rarity but when the only reason you never found a figure was because Wave X was never delivered to your area, it blows.

    The BikerScout wave never once made it to any of the stores in my area. Over the years the 12" line has been making less and less of an appearance. Where we use to get a few cases, now we don't even get 1. You ask the store folks and they always believe that they should be on the next truck but that never happens. Then about every 3rd wave we get enough figures to stock half the stores in the state. Heck the only 12" figures left on the shelf here are about a year or more old.
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    Re: TRU and the OTC 12" line

    The biker scout was in short supply and high demand everywhere! I had him in my hands once at Meijer and didn't get him. Still kicking myself.

    Yoda was in high demand, too.

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    Re: TRU and the OTC 12" line

    I just got the Ewoks at TRU a few days ago. I went in looking for 4" and they were stocking shelves. They cut open a box of Woks/Luke/Yoda/Scout. I think that's the only time I've seen them.

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    Re: TRU and the OTC 12" line

    I had to pay $50 for my Biker Scout on Ebay. Never found it on the shelves. Still need the Yoda 12" scale figure.

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    Re: TRU and the OTC 12" line

    Fifty bucks for the Bikerscout alone? Geez, you could probably find the Speederbike w/ Scout set for only a few bucks more. Stupid aftermarket is going crazy thanks to Hasbro's mismanagement of the line.
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