OK, Episode 3 Essentials and Wish List:

Anakin - longer hair, scar, perhaps interchangeable heads for mean looks, nice guy

Obi-Wan Kenobi -short hair, a pretty plain figure, but cool and necessary

Padme - pregnant? Could be a very unique and original sculpt for a 12" - but she'd be a great appology for her AOTC figure which is probably the worst 12" in history.

Mace Windu they could do a re-release if they needed to, but I saved an extra TPM (good one, as opposed to the AOTC TRU one) just because I knew I'd need one one day. So I doubt I'll buy a Mace given that.

Yoda - I guess I'll need yet another one - I bought 3 of the AOTC release... but Yoda always sells. They still could articulate him more and refine his clothing and accessories a little bit. It wasn't perfect, but re-releasing the AOTC version wouldn't be a disaster either. We just need more arm articulation at the very least.

Count Dooku his AOTC figure is one of the best in the history of the line, in sharp contrast to Padme. I saved an extra one (I even got at clearance price) for E3. So I won't be buying another Dooku unless they figured out a way to make him even more awesome (enraged look or something? Dooku doesn't loose his cool though)

Storm-Cloner - the crossing of the Clone Trooper and Stormtrooper. OK here I can see Hasbro definitely releasing something. It's a given if the 12" line continues for E3. They might milk it with Jungle, Desert, Urban, Underwater variations. I'd likely buy them all, and perhaps 2-3 of each kind depending upon how I might want to do scenes. A very expensive figure for us - but very profitable for Hasbro. Especially if they keep the higher price point like their V-OTC 12" collection is running at now. That'll be like $240 - 300 they get out of each of us for essentially one mold! Well, hey - they're in this business to profit and it's not like I don't want the figures...

General Grevious - this could be an awesome figure. They HAVE TO make him. He'll be an E3 icon and hardly a spoiler since everyone watched CW Animated and knows who he is and what he looks like - and he'll be on a ton of promotional material. I will buy maybe 1-3 figures of him for various scenes I could assemble. I'm even thinking I would buy another Dooku to have a Separatist Club Boardroom Tea Party scene with all of them they might make.
A 12" Grevious might be the best 12" ever made.

Nute Gunray - it was once going to happen for TPM and then never did. Nute is essential Prequel SW now and turned out to be a fun character. Since he doesn't use accessories like blasters, I think he should come with Eps 1,2,& 3 hats. Here's to hoping his costume doesn't change too much so they can just do the hat thing and we finally get Nute as a 12".

Palpatine - again a Ep1 unfulfilled promise. Obviously as Supreme Chancellor it'd make more sense, but I'd wanted a Senator one as well. Hopes are dimming that I'd ever get that. But Palpatine would give the sculpters a great chance to do a very unique face.

Darth Sidious - well if spoilers have been warned, a Palpatine figure released later in the E3 line, with the dark cloak and changeable heads to "shape-shift", would be all it takes, as Palpatine couldn't have a lot of accessories (a throne chair might be nice, as would a camera droid - while Sidious having Dark Side Lightning could be cool) but unless they release a super-deluxe 12" ultimate version... -but wait a minute! They did with Jango Fett. Palpatine would be awesome to be the E3 figure released this way!

Darth Vader Removeable Helmet - it remains to be seen if they use red herrings or tricks of interpretation to make youngsters think Anakin has died or if they'll do this figure just for the collectors. A Vader RH with Anakin's face. I suppose it all depends if you see Hayden this way in the movie. It could be cool as the Sebastian Shaw Vader RH 12" is my favorite 12" figure to this day.

Destroyer Droid - it'd be about time. Who knows if they are even in this movie, but at this size there's no reason the makers of Transformers.. well you get the idea. A DD would rock!

OK that about sums up what we're suppose to HAVE TO GET above....

Now Secondary Characters we'd be lucky to get:

Plo Koon - widescale re-release. Can't figure they sold enough of him last time with the fan club collapsing, etc.

Bail Organa - would be very nice to have.

Niemoidan Soldier - very cool looking. I'd like one of these.

Wookiee Warrior - hopefully they can figure this out and also give us a nice Chewbacca: sculpt or use the vintage KENNER Chewie figure - articulate it more - stick a nylon over it VERY TIGHTLY - have all the real fur sewn into that. The '99 Chewie was a disgrace, but they got the durability and height right. The '97 Chewie actually was furry. Now activate some brain cells Hasbro - put the ideas together. Maybe come up with this to balance the cost: a Wookiee Warrior 2-pack. Includes a warrior with armor, and Chewbacca as we've always seen him. They use the new technique and charge $50-60 retail to cover all the cost and give us something of value. To replace Chewie in our classic collections with something that looks good and can carry 3PO on his back, we'll buy more than 1 of these, while at the same time creating a 12" Wookiee army - and a need to buy more Storm-Cloners to fight them. A win for us, a win for Hasbro. A win for Chewbacca finally! Give someone the Yavin Medal!

Anything else?

Jedi of course:

SaeSee Tiin
Eeth Koth or Agen Kolar
Adi Gallia or Stass Allie
Aayla Secura
Bariss Offee
Luminara Undulli

These'd make the best of the bunch unless Sora Bulq is going to appear as a Dark Jedi (or if he changes sides again because Lucas' extra-casting crew doesn't know any better or says "all Weequays look alike."

Anyway, what do you think

- of the likelihood of my list?

- of their price point?

- of what you'd buy?

- of anything I might have missed?

- of what quality they'd be?

- what Hasbro should do? Raise the price point and make them really good - or do the slop job so often see for mass movie release marketing?