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Thread: Open Waters

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    Open Waters

    The preview for this movie scared the crap out of me.

    As a person that spends a lot of time in the ocean...I just can't see this film without someone first telling me how it ends.

    It's based on a true story - so it's gotta be pretty real.

    A couple on a cruise get left behind while scuba diving. They spend i don't know how long floating and waiting for a rescue.

    There are sharks in this movie, as well as a giant jellyfish.

    These things are part of the thrill and danger in surfing and jetskiing for me, but I fear them with a passion. I know and can dream of what it feels like to be underwater.

    To me, this is the scariest film idea I've seen for a long time if only the preview can freak me out.

    The worst thing is it is a true story!

    The preview was attached to Fahrenheit 911 when I saw it.

    Someone please see Open Waters and let me know how it ends.

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    Re: Open Waters

    I don't know how the movie will end but it didn't end well for the orginal couple.
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    Re: Open Waters

    Maybe the movie's about them faking their death and surviving somehow?

    I don't know if Hollywood would pass off a movie where they die (or even one of them does).

    It could be BASED on a true story, but then fictionalized from there (like The Patriot).

    I don't know if I want to see this. Very scary.

    The only way this kind of "faking your death" plan could possibly be worth trying is if another boat had promised to pick the couple up.

    What motive could they have to do this?

    - credit card debt - get out of it and start over?
    - they commited a crime that hasn't been discovered yet and they are trying to cover it?
    - one killed the other one for some reason and the survivor escaped and by playing dead, they cover it up?
    - they are on an uncharted desert island - and it was an accident (or not)?
    -one planned to strand the other on an island and live primative?

    This kind of thing would be so scary to pull off!

    I wouldn't think it'd be worth it.

    Someone will have to see this movie for me and tell me what happens.

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    Re: Open Waters

    Here is a review of Open Water I found over at if you're still interested Tycho. Sounds pretty intense to me, I'll definitly be checking this one out. If you're not interested in spoilers you might want to I pass on the read though.
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    Re: Open Waters

    Thank you for the review. It was very detailed but still didn't answer my overwhelming concern about this movie: give me the spoilers but tell me if they both live? Both die? Which one (s) die and how? And what limbs they all have when they end up however they end up?

    The full spoiler is what I'm still looking for please. Thanks Hellboy. Your link was informative in the right sort of direction.

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    Re: Open Waters

    damn, I had no idea this was out there - the reviews for it look awesome.

    As for the real couple this happened to.. The Great Barrier Reef.. has HUGE great white sharks swimming right off the coast. no doubts they were lunch.
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    Re: Open Waters

    This movie looks so amazingly dull.
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    Re: Open Waters

    Wow- The Blair Witch of the Sea huh?

    What really peeves me is how it is "based on a true story", when no one has any Idea what the true story is. Like The Perfect Storm was based on a true story. All we know is that they went out to sea in the direction of the storm and never came back. What does that tell you about what all happend on the boat, or the possible circumstances that lead to them loosing communications to the shore? I say they all got drunk and fell overboard. There, that's my take on the "based on a true story" and it's just as crediable as what Wolfgang filmed. Then again, that same plot seems to work for Open Water as well.

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    Re: Open Waters

    Well I'd assume that at least one of them lives otherwise their story would have died with them. Personally I don't want to dig that deep because I'd like to experience the film and hopefully be surprised and or shocked by the outcome. If you really must know this before seeing the film Tycho I'm sure you could find it because there are actually quite a few reviews of this film floating around.
    Talk Show Host Interviewing Joker: “Your said to have only killed about 600 people Joker. Now don’t take this the wrong way but I think you’ve been holding out on us.”

    Joker: “I don’t keep count. I’m going to kill everyone in this room.”

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    Re: Open Waters

    I don't think I want to see the film period if even one of them dies!

    I am very much involved with ocean sports and am very frightened by sharks!


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