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    BikerScouts...Podracers...the Force?

    In Episode I, the assertion is made that Podracing is so difficult that only a few humans are capable of doing it. More than that, we are meant to come away with the idea that only humans with Force potential (lots o' Midichlorians) have the capability to fly a machine like that in dangerous conditions.

    With that in mind, isn't it reasonable to assume that BikerScouts in Return of the Jedi are also chock full o' Midi's and have Force capability. Afterall, the only ones we see fly speederbikes are the scouts and Luke and Leia, whom we know are chock full o' Midi's themselves.

    Are BikerScouts latent Jedi?

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    Re: BikerScouts...Podracers...the Force?

    I don't believe there's any evidence of 'Force Potential' with the Clone Biker Scouts shown in RotJ. Since the max speed of a Speeder Bike is only 500 km/h compared to Pod Racers that roughly double that. So I wouldn't say that the Biker Scouts are chock full o' Midi's, though every being possesses Midiclorians. The Scouts just have years of training and experience riding them.

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    Re: BikerScouts...Podracers...the Force?

    Also, it is probably rare for the speeder bikes to be used in settings with as many obstacles as the Endor forest. The speeder bikes might have been a good means of transportation on Endor, but probably weren't supposed to be used for high speed chases in that setting. The Empire did not think there was anyone on Endor so a high speed chase probably seemed unlikely to them.

    And it is not surprising that all the Biker Scouts died in the speeder bike chase. Not even Luke or Leia managed to keep their bikes in tact during that high speed chase. But they luckily surived!

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    Re: BikerScouts...Podracers...the Force?

    Also, the concept of the vehicle is completely different. I figure part of the challenge of racing pods is controlling those two huge engines out in front of you, while you're being dragged behind them.

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    Re: BikerScouts...Podracers...the Force?

    It's also fair to assume that they were not always used at full speed, but maybe more with bursts of speed. When the Scout appears to be going full out chasing Leia, he has a momnetary distraction and BAM! crispy critter!
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    Re: BikerScouts...Podracers...the Force?

    I saw an Ewok use one. Is he a force user too?
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    Re: BikerScouts...Podracers...the Force?

    Well, that either settles this discussion, or opens up a new one on the possiblity of Ewoks as candidates for the Jedi Academy>

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    Re: BikerScouts...Podracers...the Force?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bacta Beast
    Well, that either settles this discussion, or opens up a new one on the possiblity of Ewoks as candidates for the Jedi Academy>
    No that doesn't settle it. I heartily disagree with all ya all. The Pods may go "faster" (maybe), but they were piloted across wide swaths of empty space with extremely brief periods of "tight" racing. The BikerScouts successfully pushed their machines (supposedly) to 200+ mph weaving in and out of thick growths of trees. You try it. Even with "practice," I doubt any one of us could manage to get above 35mph in anything without clipping something fairly quickly.

    This business about them all seem to be ignoring the "chase" and "getting shot at" factor. Even the expert Podracers met with fiery ends when challenged. Plus, let's take a look at those crashes. One blew up because Luke cut his control vanes off. Duh. Another crashed because he was too busy gloating over knocking Leia off. Duh. The rest bought it after being shot at.

    As for that Ewok, his ride didn't last so long. He got on, put it into drive and hung on until the opportunity presented itself to bail.

    The jury has come back and determined that your rebuttal is flawed and wrong. Bikerscouts are chock full o' Midi's based on Prequel logic therefore must be latent Jedi.


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    Re: BikerScouts...Podracers...the Force?

    Ooops! We were wrong! Stillakid has spoken! We stand corrected! C'mon man get your head out of your rectum! The biker scouts performance in that scene didn't prove they had any more control of the force than my grandma! You haven't convinced me that your logic isn't flawed.

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    Re: BikerScouts...Podracers...the Force?

    Han managed to navigate an asteroid field and I don't think he had any of the Force critters in him. Some people are gifted even without the Force.

    Also, Jango Fett successfully navigated an asteroid field. He was the prototype for the Clones, which presumably become the proto-Stormtroopers (though I am still not so certain we can say the Stormtroopers/Snowtroopers/Biker Scouts we saw in the original trilogy were clonse or were anything more than drafted soldiers). So, if you assume that the Biker Scouts were clones of Jango (which I don't necessarily believe), then it seems likely the biker scouts would be extremely good pilots. Moreover, it is safe to assume that Jango had no force powers at all, otherwise we would be making the assumption that the Clone Troopers have force abilities, which I don't believe any of us is asserting.

    Therefore, just because someone is a skilled pilot does not mean that he or she has force abilities or tendencies.

    Also, Qui-Gon said, "You must have Jedi reflexes if you race Pods." I don't think that statement is supposed to be taken literally. Qui-Gon likely already sensed the Force in Anakin and was using the conversation to start exploring the possibility of Anakin's abilities.


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