[font=MS UI Gothic]Hello everyone,[/font]
[font=MS UI Gothic]Here is my list[/font]
[font=MS UI Gothic][/font]
[font=MS UI Gothic]@@@@HAVES@@@@ [/font]
[font=MS UI Gothic][/font]
[font=MS UI Gothic]POTF RC Vader SS with Japanese THX Leaflet[/font]
[font=MS UI Gothic]POTF RC Han Solo with Japanese THX Leaflet[/font]
[font=MS UI Gothic][font=MS UI Gothic]POTF RC Japanese green tinted C-3PO with THX Leaflet[/font]
[font=MS UI Gothic]POTF GC Japanese green tinted C-3PO (RB)[/font]
[font=MS UI Gothic]POTF GC Japanese green tinted C-3PO (SUB)[/font]
[font=MS UI Gothic][/font]
[font=MS UI Gothic]POTF Commtech Hooded Leia[/font]
[font=MS UI Gothic][/font]
[font=MS UI Gothic]EP1 SIO BIBBLE[/font]
[font=MS UI Gothic]EP1 Holographic Sidious[/font]
[font=MS UI Gothic]EP1 Royal Naboo Guard[/font]
[font=MS UI Gothic]EP1 Swimming Jar Jar[/font]
[font=MS UI Gothic][/font]
[font=MS UI Gothic]Kubrick Boba Fett[/font]
[font=MS UI Gothic][/font]
[font=MS UI Gothic]------------------------------------------------[/font]
[font=MS UI Gothic]@@@@WANTS@@@@ [/font]
[font=MS UI Gothic][/font]

[font=MS UI Gothic]*All Canadian Tri-Logo SAGA[/font]
[font=MS UI Gothic]SAGA Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon(non-Catalogue)
SAGA Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon with Catalogue

SAGA Endor Rebel Soldier with Catalogue

*All Canadian Tri-Logo HOF(GOLD LINE)

HOF Vader

HOF Storm Trooper

HOF Jaba's Sail BargeR2-D2


HOF Yoda

HOF Anakin Duel Hunger

HOF Jedi Luke

HOF Tie Pilot


HOF Darth Maul
HOF Denger
HOF Bossk
HOF C-3PO(death star escape)
HOF Tatoonie Luke
HOF Snowtrooper
HOF AT-ST Driver
HOF Luke Throne Room Duel
HOF McQuarrie Stormtrooper
HOF Anakin Hangar Duel
HOF Darth Maul
HOF Hoth Luke

[font=MS UI Gothic]*All Canadian Tri Logo OTC(New Original Trilogy Card)[/font]

[font=MS UI Gothic]Dagoba Luke[/font]
[font=MS UI Gothic]Jedi Luke[/font]
[font=MS UI Gothic]Dagoba R2^D2[/font]
Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon
Darth Vader Throne Room
New Hope R2-D2
[font=MS UI Gothic]Dagoba Vader[/font]
[font=MS UI Gothic]Dagoba Yoda[/font]
[font=MS UI Gothic]Ben[/font]
Spirit Ben
[font=MS UI Gothic]Denger[/font]
Boba Fett Pit of Carkoon
Bespin Luke
Tie Pilot
Bespin Leia
X-wing Luke
AT-ST Driver

Any other trilogo HOF to OTC characters which not listed above may work out for trade.
Please help me out.
Thanks for looking.