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    'I Love the 80's' on VH1

    Anyone else besides me, watch the ten part series (1 hour long show per year, 1980 - 1989) on all things the 1980s on VH1?

    For those who haven't seen it, basically VH1 interviews these celebrities but mostly semi-celebrities including various actors and musicians (my favortie being some guy from Ed, Hal Sparks from Queer As Folk, Mo Rocca, Henry Rollins, Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray) to talk about the various events, fashions, music etc. from a certain year of the 1980's.

    Not surprisingly, for the 1980 show, they comment on ESB and the big secret about Luke and Darth Vader. In the 1983 show, the crack about the incestious relationship Luke and Leia had.

    It is one of a very shows that is worthwhile to watch on that channel. Even though I have seen each show like four or five times I still feel compelled to watch when it comes on.
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    I'm with you, there is just something about that series that I just can't turn off. My fiance' and I love them. It comes on sometimes late at night, and it's a struggle to turn it off. It's better than sleep and that's saying something.
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    It's as if there were drugs from the '80s that make this series addictive! What? Really? Oh, I guess the 1980s were known for their excesses.
    The end of 80s episodes aren't as fun as the earlier ones; probably because it's less nostalgic from only 14+ years ago, or so.
    I am sick of The Dice Man intro'ing the "Mr. & Mrs. of 198_" parts. Mainly because he uses VIRTUALLY THE SAME WORDS EVERY SINGLE TIME. I also don't like Lionel Richie intro'ing the "Make-Out Songs of 198_" parts. Mainly because he uses VIRTUALLY THE SAME WORDS EVERY SINGLE TIME. (Yes, I am aware of the irony of using the quote "Mainly because he uses VIRTUALLY THE SAME WORDS EVERY SINGLE TIME." to make my point)
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    I'm also a 80's addict. Everytime this show is on I'm guaranteed to be late for my next appointment. I can't stop watching. I love the fact that it covers all the aspects of the decade from movies, TV, toys, commercials, clothing, fads, etc. One hour just doesn't seem like enough time to cover a whole year. It would take an hour just to make fun of the clothing alone,
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    I watched 85 - 89 the other day, I was completely mesmerized!

    Love Lionel Richie announcing the "love" songs, how perfect!

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    Well seeing as I graduated from High School in the 80's, a lot of it is like a rewind back into the Gawd awful fashions of the times. It also brings back a lot of memories, like the coleco football. My two favorite years 1980 and 1983, and you all know why! Plus we didn't have the SE then either!
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    Yep I watched it too. It brought back LOTS of memories.
    Most favorite moment was when they were making fun of Rick Astley. And it was cool because I thought that as well. Just overall I thought it was cool how alot of these celebrities did the same things as I did and thought the same things as I did when these things were happening in the 80s.
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    I think the series is great,I love the jokes about ROTJ.Lionel Richie is starting to get to me with his love songs of the 80s though,"Can you feel the love"..No I can't because your going to a commerical
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    Originally posted by bobafrett
    My two favorite years 1980 and 1983, and you all know why! Plus we didn't have the SE then either!
    Can't miss an chance to take a jab at the SE huh? .

    I can't stand Lional Richie either. His face is so huge, it's like hes sitting right in front of me. The Dice Man can take a breather too, he's just not funny.
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    Take back what you said about Lionel.

    That guy is the ultimate pimp ! I love him. :happy:


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