Yay, at long last one of my favorite Adult Swim shows is coming to DVD. Home Movies rocks, even if the animation is a bit amatuer for most peoples tastes. I think it fits the show well, and can't wait to own this on DVD.
Home Movies - Shout! Factory Licenses Show
Posted by Gord Lacey - 7/14/2004

Fresh from the VSDA show special issue of Video Store magazine comes the news that Shout! Factory has licensed Home Movies from Soup2Nuts and will release Season 1 on November 16 in a 3-disc set. Shout! Factory wasn't able to give us any more information, but they're very excited about working on the set.

Brendon Small, who created and does voices for the show, also has this to say at his website:

Hey friends, we're working on the dvd we'll have it released between now and 2012. So, plug your dvd player in and get ready!

Thanks to all the readers who e-mailed us about Brendon's site.


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