Just wondering if SirSteves forumites had any budding musicians on board?

Personally, I started playing an instrument only last year, when I was 23. I bought a Suzuki Digital Piano (resembles a giant keyboard, has piano quality sound) and started taking lessons a year ago.

I do moderately well for a working man who finds about a 1/2 hour a day to squeeze in some practice. Piano is a tougher instrument, because you have to worry about the melody and the bass line. Having your hands work on two different things at once, is not easy for me, but I practice and progress. Can't play anything near the league of any classical or pop perfomer, but I enjoy my easy piano books and hope to someday, be somewhere remotely as talented as them.

As for starting a band, I ain'ts got much rhythm, and playing in tune would be difficult, as I would make my bandmates pretty mad at me.

Anyone else play an instrument? Do we have any Elton John or Jimi Hendrix caliber performers out there?