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    Luke esb and mace fx sabers NOW SHIPPING!!!:)

    Its just been posted up on the accu ship schedule that these items have now started to ship

    So flight 1 is most likely away all ive to do now is wait 2-4 more weeks for flight 4 LOL.

    By the way has anyone on the 1st flight received confirmation that its on its way??

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    Re: Luke esb and mace fx sabers NOW SHIPPING!!!:)

    OK stroke of coincidence I've just received my email notification telling me that my fx sabers are ready to be shipped and dispatched to me. however am I supposed to recieve a tracking number with this email or do I receive another email telling me the number?? help would be great lads and lassies


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    Re: Luke esb and mace fx sabers NOW SHIPPING!!!:)

    I also am in flight 4 and got an email saying my item was ready to ship now, but I am being skeptical on that claim simply to spare myself the disappointment next month when my birthday rolls around and no Luke FX.
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    Re: Luke esb and mace fx sabers NOW SHIPPING!!!:)

    Lol the same as myself, personally I think they might have got cancelled orders or whatever and moved some people up. who knows???

    I know for a fact that when you receive the email that we got yesterday that supposedly a week later or leading up to a week, we get another email with our tracking numbers for the parcel.However even if i get the luke and mace fx shipped im still looking at another 2-4 week wait for the item to get across the pond from the U.S to Ireland and clear customs. Knowing the idiots in customs in my country they probably would think its a real lightsaber LOL.

    Im prepared to receive a notification from the irish customs to pay some heavy duty tax anyway's. so far ive paid around 450 U S dollars or 350 euros in my case. the thing that gets me is the shipping and handling 95 bucks for EACH saber.

    Anyways good to see that people are beggining to get the orders for the new fx stuff, just dying to get the luke fx cuse it looks just like the one in episode 3 cept for the little screws on the grip pads.
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    Re: Luke esb and mace fx sabers NOW SHIPPING!!!:)

    I'm spoiler-free so I'll have to take your word on the Ep 3 saber issue.

    Thanks for the timeline info on the emails, I'll keep my eye peeled for the tracking # email even though I was being skeptical.

    That sucks about the shipping cost and the customs tarifs, that's ridiculous. I've sent stuff to Australia that didn't cost anywhere near that, certainly that's a MUCH longer trip. I don't understand why this international shipping is so darn expensive for you guys; if it's on MR's shoulders, what's the point? Isn't that going to risk their customers going to another retailer for the items?
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Re: Luke esb and mace fx sabers NOW SHIPPING!!!:)

    sorry if i spoiled anything for ye on ep3 was intending to stay spoiler free including not watching teaser trailers but i caved after a month, dying to see that film next year we finally see how and why it all went down the way it did.

    Back to brass tax anyway.

    to be perfectly honest jedi tricks when it comes to ireland your dealling with essentially just ONE flippin major sci-fi store in the entire country, which is forbidden planet (theres one in new york in the states) however this place deals with comics figs books etc etc but when it comes to limited and fancy stuff like fx sabers PHTTT forget it man we have had a total of just SIX vader and ONE anakin fx since x-mas gone and i picked up one of the vader. i also got my obi wan weathered from em in febuary so they get LIMITED supplys of limited edition stuff at very HIGH prices. I know its ridiculous but there is a MAJOR MAJOR demand in ireland for this stuff, its the stuff of dreams for ppl like me to get these items in my own hands and look at and wonder why the hell didnt they ship more for more people. the fx sabers are great thou i love em dont see why they dont make em as widely available over in other countrys as the states which you can seem to find at the local supermarket or toy store. im still waitin on the vintage figures over here to arrive so i can buy em.Right now ile be looking at around 75 euro each saber to clear customs which is fecking ridiculous (scuse the launguage) overall my total bill for this loot of sabers is as follows

    Shipping & Handling: $97.24 EACH SABER

    Subtotal: $119.00 FOR EACH SABER

    IF customs stings me 75.50 euros

    overall its cost me nearly 450 euro to get two items across the ocean.
    could have paid for a holiday with that money but im saving this year (least i tought i was) never the less im well pleased with my purchase and will enjoy these immensely. what i wont enjoy is the fiasco with the shipping price i could have bought 4 sabers with change to get home on the bus if i was buying them over in ireland LOL.

    As for your shipping tricks well im just quoting what mr has stated on their site with the accu ship info which is

    The Shipment Flight Schedule for a collectible will be posted on our website once we are certain of our shipment schedule.

    You will receive an e-mail notification one week prior to your specific "Flight" departure so you will know that your collectible will be on its way to you shortly.

    Once your collectible leaves our warehouse you will receive an e-mail notifying you of its shipment and the appropriate tracking information. (Individual orders will usually leave our warehouse within a week of the Flights Departure)

    With your tracking number you can check the shipment progress of your collectible until it reaches your door.

    so if you dont get ure email next week its not my fault man LOL JKIN
    id say ule get it at the very latest the beggining of september if you dont get ure email next week, its on its way as we type thou so take comfort in that its on its way and ule get it b4 me u luky dog , damn ireland whys it have to be sofar away from amaerica.


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