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    20 and FX-7 AT RETAIL!

    I just got my order from and I paid $54.50 for 7 figures - 5 Imp Officers, 1 Queen, 1 Fleet Trooper! (that is AFTER SHIPPING! My total cost charged!)

    At Target, after tax (in CA) they are usually $7.31, so the Yestertoys price was only about 3 dollars more than what I'd pay for them if I found enough driving around to all the retailers (each Walmart in San Diego got only 1 case - and out of that I initially only got to 2 Walmarts in time for anything - and got only 1 Imp and 1 Fleet Trooper between 2 stores! So I spent $3 in gas with my SUV you can be sure!

    Now I ordered my figures from Yestertoys at their NON-MINT prices, as I open my figures. Although I didn't really look closely, my figures are extremely close to MINT as any I got from Walmart and they don't have the darn price sticker stuck to the center of the bubble making a mess with removal (use lighter fluid - but again I don't care as I open them).

    At Yestertoys I was able to specify exactly what I wanted, no "Have to buy the case or 1 of each in the Assort" (I already had FX-7 from my lucky day at Walmart) and on top of that,
    I ordered from Yestertoys last Friday I think, and got my toys today (the first Tues). THAT IS QUICK!

    So guys, you know I don't post about Online stores - and I'm not even doing it because they are an SSG sponsor (I don't get anything out of that in my pocket). I'm posting because I know you are frustrated, want to build armies, and want these figures. Even mint, they are like $1.oo or so over retail - and I'm telling you the non-mint are just as good and AT RETAIL! Get your figures from now!

    I did and I'm going to continue shopping there. They've had Amanaman and Slave-Leia, too!

    When you appreciate their great prices, in your messages tell them what else you are looking for and that SIRSTEVESGUIDE sent you. They're doing all of us a favor by sponsoring this great website that helps you learn where to find things - tell them you appreciate that, too!

    NOW YOU HAVE THE FX-7 WAVE, and hopefully Amanaman, too!
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    I got my figures from Entertainment Earth and was blasted for paying $9.99/figure (the 4 new ones from this wave). I really didn't think it was that unreasonable since, this way, I didn't have to contend with traffic, the trek all over the metro area and all those zombie-esque holiday shoppers ( ) !

    So... I totally agree with you on your purchase there Tycho! Well done!
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    Thanks for the heads up on Yestertoys. I believe I will use them for that wave and the second wave of Deluxe. I can always pick up extras if they show up in the stores around here later. I like the non-mint pricing and I open my figures so the cards become even less mint in the dump.
    Thanks again!
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    Thumbs up I agree!

    I have also ordered from them. I have nothing bad to say about them. Their customer service is EXCELLENT. I email them and they actually email me back within a day. Also, I had ordered something and they accidentally sent two of them and I sent it back and they paid the shipping. Most places wouldn't. Their prices are excellent and their selection is great. I bought a Mara Jade there for $10! That is nothing short of amazing! Yestertoys really is my favorite online store to shop at. I also like Jamstoys, and DnStoys. All three of those have excellent prices and customer service. I hardly ever buy any Star Wars figs at retail stores anymore, I find it too much of a hassle. Especially now with those crazy lines. I reccomend these three places.
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    Yestertoys rocks. I ordered a commtech leia, muftak & kabe, and watto's box from them last summer, all non-mint, and I actually had to examine them pretty closely to see what was so "non-mint" about them. Then I tore them open! :happy: They arrived within about two weeks, too.

    And you're right about the driving around. With prices like that, you'll spend more looking for this stuff on your own than you will having it shipped!

    Other sites I'd recommend:

    New Force Comics and Collectibles
    Entertainment Earth (If the price is right. Usually it's too high, but the one time I ordered from them my package came promptly, and was well-packed for shipment.)

    DO NOT order from! They suck! I ordered from them last July. I never got my order, although I was charged for it in September, and they don't respond to my e-mails! And they don't have a phone number listed! Evil, evil place.


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