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    Question Bad Wookies

    Who here thinks that the wookies will be fighting AGAINST the Republic in the Clone Wars? I remember seeing something on the official site about the wookie senators joining with the Confederacy. I've been thinking about this for a while and it would be better IMO to have it this way than to have it how everybody expects (ie, wookies being the "good" guys).
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    Re: Bad Wookies

    Nah, not from what I heard. The Wookies are fighting the droid army in the movies, alongside with Yoda, a few Jedi, and the CloneTroopers. At least until after the Battle Droids are defeated. Then Palpatine sends the orders to the CloneTrooper army, and they turn on their Jedi and the Wookies.

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    Re: Bad Wookies

    I too heard that the Wookies help the Jedi fight the Clones AFTER Palpatine orders the Clonetroopers to kill them. At first they start off on their (the Clones side, much like the Jedi) side fighting along side them.
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    Re: Bad Wookies

    Yeah, the awesome conceptual pics of the wookies I just saw on the os seem to show them figting the droids so I guess that's how it's gonna be.
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