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    Legend of Zelda DS Revealed

    Eiji Aonuma, the producer of The Legend of Zelda, has now confirmed the existence of the planned Zelda game for the Nintendo DS two-screened portable. In an interview with Spain's Club Nintendo he revealed that the game will in fact be a version of Zelda: The Four Swords and it will use both screens extremely effectively!
    My best guess is that this new Zelda game will be set up in a similar fashion to the GCN Four Swords. 1-4 players (provided additional players have a DS, DS Zelda cart, and the appropriate DS link ups), with one screen acting as the shared overworld for all players and the second screen as a personal screen to explore caves and such. Any other ideas?
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    Re: Legend of Zelda DS Revealed

    I'm not too happy about the idea of yet another multiplayer Zelda. I might be alone in this but I am totally uninterested in the whole multiplayer 'revolution' for video games. Just give me a well designed game that I can enjoy by myself.

    Anyways, maybe the second screen could be for an items menu, so you can actually carry more than one special item at a time (unlike the GCN version of this incredibly disappointing game).
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