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    Question "RETURN" of the Sith?

    Why is this forum titled "Return" of the Sith toys...I thought the title was REVENGE of the Sith...?

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    Re: "RETURN" of the Sith?

    Merely old data.

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    Re: "RETURN" of the Sith?

    I think Sirsteve is poking fun at the title change for Revenge of the Jedi... er... Return of the Jedi.
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    Re: "RETURN" of the Sith?

    Yeah, that's my guess in the "packaging" thread, I laughed out loud seeing it..... according an ancient, much discounted prophecy, Lucas will suddenly change the title to "return" as revenge gives away too much plot

    OR 'cos it's a trait not befitting a Jedi

    Either way, it'll be "fixed" eventually

    BTW good one, whoever made the decision
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.


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