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    Thumbs up Very interesting 41 Back Jawa.

    I just recently purchased a 41 Back for my carded Jawa collection. When the figure was received, I noticed an interesting difference in the bubble. The weapon was mounted on the right. I have been collecting Star Wars (Vintage) for a few years and this is the first figure that I can remember with the weapon on the right. It looks like the weapon was added at the last moment. The tape holding it to the bubble goes from the top to the bottom of the bubble. I am not posting this to determine how this is a "RARE" variation and does anyone want to buy it. I just wanted to post an interesting find for the Vintage Collectors. Has anyone else noticed the difference in their carded figures. Please respond with your thoughts.


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    I wouldn't necessarily call it "very interesting." Maybe "slightly interesting" or, at best, "mildly interesting."

    I don't even collect the carded figures, but......
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    Any pictures?

    Weird things happen over in the factories in China and the other ones so I wouldnt be surprised if more figures had weapons on the right side.
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