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    Canada OTC cards

    Have you guys seen the Canada OTC cards yet? They all have the same background (star burst effect), and no rebellion/imperial sign.

    I don't like 'em as much as the U.S. versions, but I really want this one for my Vader collection.

    Too bad I cant afford it right now .

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    Re: Canada OTC cards

    That looks really sweet with the StarBurst and all. I want one too. JJReason, hope you look for this for me.

    Mabs? How about you? You looking too?
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    Re: Canada OTC cards

    Yes I saw them a few days ago amd yes I want a complete set
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    Re: Canada OTC cards

    That's kinda neat looking. I've heard complaints from Canadian collectors about the card designs they get. I think the US versions are available there in specialty stores, but they are more expensive.

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    Re: Canada OTC cards

    Sweet! JJreason, you gotta help me too. We have dealt in the past! I just want the Darth Vaders. I can't afford 2 sets. Those cards are cool, but I like the US cards better. I am gonna have to get a set of Vaders!

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    Re: Canada OTC cards

    Whoever wants help just shoot me a PM. I've had miserable luck finding anything so far, but have found a few which I've left carded (figured you guys might want to trade for your versions, I open anyhow).

    I have: Luke, R2, Yoda Dagobah and Chewie. Passed on Han, but wish now I'd picked him up just to have as trade bait for other figures I want.

    I'll be sure to scoop any Darths I find, TDV, and we can strike a deal.

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    Re: Canada OTC cards

    Just found a few more Starburst figs, and have sent a few PM's.
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    Re: Canada OTC cards

    If anyone else is looking for Canadian Star Bursts..PM me....hoping to work out a trade for a Catina set (which I don't think will make it up here)

    Hopefully jjreason can vouch for me being a good guy too

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    Re: Canada OTC cards

    Anyone willing to just sell these out right to me? Thanks
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    You Shouldn't believe everything that you read.
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    Re: Canada OTC cards

    Sweet! Just got my Canada ver Vader and Fett in trade from a fellow SSG'er. Very cool stuff!!

    A BIG thank you to my friend in Canada!


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