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    Complete Pencils to Doom Patrol #2 and DCP: Hawkman

    The complete pencils to Doom Patrol #2 and DC Comics Presents: Hawkman are now up in the John Byrne gallery:

    For those who haven't read Doom Patrol #2 yet, see how much of the story you can make out through the art alone.

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    Re: Complete Pencils to Doom Patrol #2 and DCP: Hawkman

    I dislike the whole idea of the 'New Doom Patrol'. This is one of my biggest gripes about DC. The fact that they're willy nilly about Continuity. With the retcon of saying that none of the original Doom Patrol stories ever happened, they've caused a major error in canon. Since the Titans just rebooted recently, and Doom Patrol was still a part of Garfield "Beast Boy" Logan's canon past. And now they have to retcon his past again, to get rid of the oversight.

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    Re: Complete Pencils to Doom Patrol #2 and DCP: Hawkman

    But much of those Wolfman/Perez Teen Titans stories are out of continuity already, because they were published prior to the Crisis. For example, Wonder-Girl's origin had to be retconned with the reboot of Wonder Woman.

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    Re: Complete Pencils to Doom Patrol #2 and DCP: Hawkman

    I'm with Jar Jar on this. John Byrne, who apparently used up all of his original ideas during his heydey of the 1980s (that JLA he did with Claremont was a snoozer)has decided to completely ignore any Doom Patrol continuity since the 1960s, or even more specifically anything post crisis. He's essentially say that none of that happened. This is the first and only time the Doom Patrol ever appeared in the DCU. How did he get that privelege?

    As one who feels that Grant Morrison's run on Doom Patrol was one of the highlights of a life reading comics, I'm even more insulted by what is also sure to be a very dull and unstrange future for the sstrangest superheroes in the DCU.

    I hope the book gets cancelled.

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    Re: Complete Pencils to Doom Patrol #2 and DCP: Hawkman

    To be fair, it was DC's suggestion that Byrne reboot the Doom Patrol. That approach was taken to try to interest readers who are new to the characters, and may not find the four or so decades of extremely convoluted backstory very appealling

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    Re: Complete Pencils to Doom Patrol #2 and DCP: Hawkman

    Although I was the one person in the world who enjoyed Byrne's take on Spider-Man's origin a few years ago from Marvel (among other things, he reduced all the lab explosions that seemed to happen in the Lee/Ditko days to one or two), I have to say he used up a lot of his great ideas years ago.

    Remember NeXt Men? God, that was awful!

    Pretty pictures, though. I'm not about to diss the guy as an artist.
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    Re: Complete Pencils to Doom Patrol #2 and DCP: Hawkman

    This new Doom Patrol is a waste of paper in my opinion. I liked the previous incarnation and felt it was cancelled prematurely. In the past year DC has put out some very good stuff, and some very poor stuff (Superman: Birthright anyone?).
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    Re: Complete Pencils to Doom Patrol #2 and DCP: Hawkman

    That's a perfectly valid opinion - but I must ask: have you read Doom Patrol #1 and #2 yet? Their debut in JLA was but a cameo; the "Tenth Circle" was largely a Justice League story.

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    Re: Complete Pencils to Doom Patrol #2 and DCP: Hawkman

    Part of the appeal of the Doom Patrol is the weird adventure, and dull vampires as they tangled with in the JLA story are not it.

    I have no problem with rebooting teams, but to erase everything is a bit extreme, when there is no company wide start over happening. He could have made up some new characters to throw in with Cliff (better ones than the last incarnation of DP had) which is something that Byrne should have been able to do. Rita is dead. The Chief was a bodiless head in a cooler last I saw, and Larry was fused with Eleanor Poole and the negative energy spirit in one hermaphrodite being which left the earth.

    When he jumpstarted the Fantastic Four he didn't put them back in college without powers, then send them up into space. Though he is the man who took the "super" out of Superman by emasculating all of the powers he had that made him the hero the other heroes were in awe of. So, imo, he's made some big mistakes when asked to revitalize a book before this.

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    Re: Complete Pencils to Doom Patrol #2 and DCP: Hawkman

    I don't want to seem snippy, I mean this only in the most humorous way: Byrne never inherited a dead Invisible Girl, a Mr. Fantastic as a decapitated head or Superman fused with Lois Lane as a space-faring hermaphrodite !
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