Obviously, the main villains of Star Wars have been the evil Emperor Palpatine and his dark apprentice, Darth Vader -- Palpatine's scheming, 2-faced ways have been at the heart of the saga, and Darth Vader is one of the most menacing villains the screen has ever known. But beyond these 2 Sith Lords lies a group of secondary villains that have in some cases rocked the Star Wars galaxy to its very core and made life quite difficult for our heroes (on rare occasions even literally impossible), both in the movies and the Expanded Universe.

But which one of these dastardly wrongdoers is the best after Vader & Palpatine? What makes him the nastiest of Star Wars nasties, is it the attitude, the fighting abilities, the cool gear, the strategizing, the red lightsaber? This week's poll is all about which secondary Star Wars villain is your favorite and why, there are 10 options ranging from the prequels to the EU, from Sith to Hutt, so vote now and voice your opinion.

thanks to Tycho for the idea.