View Poll Results: Which secondary villain is the best?

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  • Darth Maul

    138 8.16%
  • Nute Gunray

    121 7.16%
  • Jango Fett

    181 10.70%
  • Count Dooku

    405 23.95%
  • Grand Moff Tarkin

    339 20.05%
  • Boba Fett

    212 12.54%
  • Jabba the Hutt

    161 9.52%
  • Prince Xizor

    7 0.41%
  • Exar Kun

    94 5.56%
  • Grand Admiral Thrawn

    33 1.95%
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    Which Secondary Villain is the Best?

    Obviously, the main villains of Star Wars have been the evil Emperor Palpatine and his dark apprentice, Darth Vader -- Palpatine's scheming, 2-faced ways have been at the heart of the saga, and Darth Vader is one of the most menacing villains the screen has ever known. But beyond these 2 Sith Lords lies a group of secondary villains that have in some cases rocked the Star Wars galaxy to its very core and made life quite difficult for our heroes (on rare occasions even literally impossible), both in the movies and the Expanded Universe.

    But which one of these dastardly wrongdoers is the best after Vader & Palpatine? What makes him the nastiest of Star Wars nasties, is it the attitude, the fighting abilities, the cool gear, the strategizing, the red lightsaber? This week's poll is all about which secondary Star Wars villain is your favorite and why, there are 10 options ranging from the prequels to the EU, from Sith to Hutt, so vote now and voice your opinion.

    thanks to Tycho for the idea.

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    Re: Which Secondary Villain is the Best?

    Tarkin. Obviously, Tarkin.

    Not only was he the only one who possessed the capability to blow up planets -- but only he could be so cold about it.

    "You're far too trusting. . ."

    The gleefully evil heights of Tarkin have never again been reached in the saga.

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    Re: Which Secondary Villain is the Best?

    I voted for Jabba the Hutt with the original Jedi Jabba in mind.

    I would have said Boba Fett, but Boba was Jabba's *****. Plus Jabba always had those cool aliens hanging around who just wanted to party and go for rides in his floating palace and watch his multiple breasted strippers entertain them.

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    Re: Which Secondary Villain is the Best?

    Gotta go with the Hutts on this one. Jabba's got all the attributes of a good villian: ruthless, power-hungry, greedy, physically repulsive, and weird sexual appetites - human females and twilek chicks?! Twisted

    Besides the Empire, criminal syndicates are the number #1 employers of the best scum the galaxy has to offer. So after the Hutts would be Prince Xizor's Black Sun, and then of course that Soprano crew operating in the Outer Rim of North Jersey

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    Re: Which Secondary Villain is the Best?

    Ivoted for Tgarkin. He wags flagt out ga cold ruthless killer.

    Darth Maul wgas cool also. Didnt say much, but he didn't have to.

    Jango gand Boba...I love Boba always have since I was young, but to me , Jango killed the mystical background he always held

    Jabba - great villian, didnt match Tarkin though.

    Nute - too much of a wimp

    Thrawn - Had he been in a movie, he would of gotten my vote.

    Dooku - awesome character, liked him alot, third after Jabba and Tarkin
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    Re: Which Secondary Villain is the Best?

    I've got to go with Boba Fett here. The armor, the raspy voice that says very little, and the fact the Vader points to him and says "No disintegrations" makes Boba Fett the coolest. And another big plus in my book is the vintage figure rocks.
    Jabba the Hutt would be a very second. He's great because he's the Al Capon of SW, Boba Fett works for him, and Jabba is giant slug with a girl in a steel bikini chain to him. How cool is that.
    But truth be told I like all these guys but Exar Kun. The comic started off pretty cool but went down hill pretty fast.
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    Re: Which Secondary Villain is the Best?

    For me it was a toss up between Jango and Boba Fett. Both are tops in my book cause of the cool kick-A armor. Plus they take crap from nobody (sorry sloftus, Boba is noone's biatch--Jabba was paying him good $ for his services). I went with Jango cause at least he died on his feet and wasn't accidentally whacked by Mace Windu like how Boba got smacked by Han.
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    Re: Which Secondary Villain is the Best?

    As much as I prefer the OT, the prequels have had some really great villains. For me, it's gotta be Count Dooku. He's like Count Dracula, Saruman and Slugworth (ooh) all rolled into one.

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    Re: Which Secondary Villain is the Best?

    Well it was boba for me...just because of the cool costume and the mystery of the original vision of the character. And if you vote are also voting for Jango on a technicality...what with boba's voice being changed in the dvd versions.

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    Re: Which Secondary Villain is the Best?

    Without a doubt, Tarkin.


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