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    Some questions here from a newbie

    Hey all,

    I am just getting back to collecting SW and have decided to just start with the OTC line. Just a couple of questions. Are most of the sculpts here just recycled ones, or have they all been tweaked a little. I usually open my figures and am wondering if there is a difference between these and the older ones.

    Also, where is the best place to preorder the Jawa Sandcrawler. Through the store at ? I am so out of the loop. Thanks for those who answer.

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    Re: Some questions here from a newbie

    Welcome back to the hobby. Hope this helps.

    Other than the Bespin (Lobot, Leia, Cloud Car Pilot) and Dagoba (Luke, Artoo, Spirit of Obiwan, Yoda) waves -- all of the OTC figs are re-issues of previous sculpts. Many of the paint jobs, however, have been updated. (Jawas, Greedo, Tusken Raider, just to name a few.)

    The VOTC are all new sculpts on very, very cool retro vintage cards.

    The Sandcrawler is available many places. I placed a pre-order through Action Figure Express for $54.99. But I've seen it some other threads about where to get it cheaper. You might want to do a search in the threads at I think I saw a thread on this over there a while back.
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    Re: Some questions here from a newbie

    Thanks Mark,

    I had a chance to pick up #10-20 along with Luke #6. I thought the Leia and Lobot scultps looked new. I knew I recognized Boba Fett from the Saga line, but wondered about Vader. Was that the same removable sculpt from the POTF2 line?

    Thanks for all the info.

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    Re: Some questions here from a newbie

    There are two or three Vaders in the OTC line, all of which are re-issues. The Hoth Vader has some snow on the boots and cape, so I will be picking that one up.
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