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    Where to get Vintage Reproduction Cards

    Hey everyone I'm new to the fourms.

    I just picked up the Vintage Trilogy Collection figures, and it's really re-sparked my interest in SW toys again.

    I have a really nice collection of loose carded figures, and I thought it would be cool to display them in some of the repro cards and bubbles. I've searched Google and I can't find a place selling them, but there is someone on e-bay selling complete figures which I don't need.

    If anyone can point me in a place to buy them, that would be great.

    Again, this is not for profit, just for a fun way to display my figs.


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    Re: Where to get Vintage Reproduction Cards

    I guess I'd keep my eye on eBay and see if any thing pops up there. Or if you see auctions for figures on repro cards you might ask the seller if can buy just the card and bubble from them.

    With that said, I have to put my anti-repro plug in. Folks need to stop feeding the repro market. It encourages repro makers and unscrupulous seller and does more harm to the hobby.
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    Re: Where to get Vintage Reproduction Cards

    I agree Lusifer. Some of those people are really good at what they do and only there honesty keeps people from thinking they are the real thing. Case in point check out this ebay item. This guy is outstanding and if I had the money I would spend it in a heart beat.
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