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    Good News.... Bad News

    Greetings all....

    Let's get the bad stuff out of the way first.

    No new toys (surprise, surprise). And... I lost an autcion to buy a Heiland flashtube gun to make my hilt.

    Now... on to the good news -

    I got my Ani Force F/X saber yesterday!!!!! It is absolutely beautiful. The weight is very evenly distributed, and the polished metal hilt is incredible.

    This is by far a much better looking product than the one Hasbro produced, and for the money, I would expect it to be.

    The sound is incredible, flick on the switch, the blade lights up, and the classic ignition sound accompanies the effect to make you think you have, "an elegant weapon for a more civilized age!"

    As you swing the saber around, the idle hum is replaced with appropriate hums. Of course there are at least 3 - 4 different "crashes" that will play back. On the paper work that comes packaged with the saber it says very clearly that even though the blade is sturdy, it is not designed for dueling. Finally when you power the saber down, the blade slowly fades from the blue glow, to it's non-descreet "tube" color of a light grey. This effect is accompanied by a very nice power-off sound as well.

    This is a brilliantly designed prop/replica, and I think this is the way sabers should have been done in the first place. Of course, the price tag may set a few people off, but in my opinion it is very well worth it!

    Now... back to a previous post, I am still looking for a heiland or graflex flashtube gun. If anyone out there knows of where I might be able to get one, again, for a cheap price, or if you might have one you are willing to part with, also... for a cheap price...
    please do not hesitate to let me know. You can either PM on through here, or just respond to my post on this thread.....

    Thank you all so much for the help and....

    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    it comes with a chance to experience the sights and sounds of WonderCon and all its comicbook glory. Also the chance to be had by all sorts of comic/toy/sci-fi dealers.

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    nothing new anywhere!! went on a massive toy run today!

    nothing star wars but man, great day for LOTR!!

    series 4 finally hit nor ca!! gollum looks dope!!

    check out new park if anyone here collect lotr also b4 someone swoops on all the new figs!

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    Nothing new in the SW collecting, as you all know. However for c_richards, and anyone else who collects Gen 1 Transformer Re-releases (the only TFs other than HOC worth buying IMHO), the Hayward TRU had 8 Silverstreaks and 3 Thundercrackers as of 12 noon today.

    Brainiak, the cases at Newforce are $61.99 each, so you end up paying something like $5.17 per figure (excluding shipping costs).

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    As of Friday:

    Nothing new at KB vallco, stevenscreek/280, or westgate.

    Nothing new at Target Cupertino and Westgate.

    Does Kenner want to make any money? Where is all this stuff?

    Good luck on your searches.
    Ed S.

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    "Does Kenner want to make any money? Where is all this stuff?"

    Obviously not, since Kenner is no longer in business LOL.

    Hasbro on the other hand doesn't seem to be doing a good job either at getting stuff into the stores. Looks like some of us are going to have to shell out some bucks at WonderCon to get what we need. I know JediBear and myself will be going this Friday in his new "golden chariot", anybody else in the area going to be there?

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    Grayhank, I brain farted! I am guess you can figure out I am old school. Anyway my son and I are going this friday too. I'll be in jeans and a dark red USC orange bowl tee shirt. Maybe a blue sweat**** if it is cold in there.

    I too may pick up a SW toy or two if the prices aren't too crazy. I really am going to look for Green Lantern comics from 1969.


    P.S. I just got back from Waco, TX on business and that walmart had hammerhead and walrus man deluxe figures galore! I still didn't by them but I was soooo tempted because I haven't bought anything in so long.
    Ed S.

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    Nothing new on this end. I am planning on making a toy run in a bit to the Target near my office, but I am not expecting to find much!

    Hopefully this weekend will be good so I can get out and get something!

    This "drought" is really ****ing me off. I did finf out that the old Target in SL had 2 cases of the new SW figures, but of course, I got there too late and they were all gone. I am so freaking peeved too.

    Oh well.... maybe if I concentrate really hard, I can will them to be at the store when I show up.

    And if you believe that then my butt is a wind instrument and a fart is a whole note!
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    Well, chiming in after a very long time. Nothing new on this end. A friend of mine found some banged up new stuff at WalMart, but no scores. The main reason I am posting is to christen my home internet access.

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    Still nothing in my area!!

    but i just got some new figs from a friend in socal!

    got boba fett pit of, sc anakin, flying r2 and lama su!!

    man whats the deal down south they already have han hoth, yoda/ padawan..etc etc! and we dont even have padme & research droids wave! FREAKIN WHACK!!!!!


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