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    Whats up with LA? They seem to be getting all kinds of new stuff after scanning their posts. I have seen absolutely nothing new here in the South Bay for the last 4 months. This is getting really ridiculous.

    After checking the last two days: Wal-Mart and Target in MT View, and KB Toys in Vallco and 280/Stevens Creek all had...nothing.
    Ed S.

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    This dry spell is getting lame. It seems no one up here has found anything new unless it was crunched!!!!!!

    I am getting really annoied too!!!
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    It is odd (and more than a little pathetic) that the northern half of the state is getting the shaft for new stuff. We are in the FIFTH month of this year with nothing to show for it.
    Even after Episode One and the launch of the POTJ banner wasn't as weak & lame as this.
    I hope Hasbro is paying attention to the fact that alot of collectors may have moved on to other lines (you couldn't have convinced me a year ago that anyone over the age of 30 would give a damn about MOTU!!...but it's selling...not to mention the fine work ToyBiz has done with the LOTR).
    I'm sticking with it....although it's getting more & more frustrating to read/see images of stuff you have to wonder if you're ever going to see....

    "I have a bad feeling about this..." many a SW character has said, and my hope is that we don't get passed over for all these cool secondary characters like Bariss, Aalya & Lama Su for an avalanche of "Clone War" Ani's, Obi's & Yodas come September...

    Okay...I'll get down now.!!

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    Emeryville TRU had the unleashed slave Leia and unmasked Vader
    on Saturday. Nothing else otherwise. If anyone in the Bay Area still needs them, I have 1 extra each of Obi-Wan Acklay Battle, Dooku Geonosian Escape, Mace Arena Confrontation, and Flying R2-D2.

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    lucky!!! how much were those lone jedi? $16

    man all the trus cut down the SW sec to like three pegs w/ one fig each!! I hope there goin put the newer figs on there! Any of your targets reduce the sec or get newer figs yet?

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    Sorry, I didn't look at the price since I do not collect the Unleashed line. I haven't been to Target in months, and I haven't been to Wal*mart since 2002. I just pre-ordered the Vader Throne Room wave from New Force....think about ordering online, guys!

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    went to WM tonite and found a case.SW basc figs 03 COL 1 WV 1

    FINALLY a freakin 03 case! im sure this will be gone quick style but i finally got an arena mace moc and another boba to open! These are the first 03 figs ive ever seen retail and ever purchased retail!! Hopefully will start seing more and more!!

    Man FINALLY!! hopefully the drought is over! check your wm's peeps!

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    oh yeah Btw is anyone from Nor ca goin to SD comic con???

    im prob goin go..but the price is alil steep! $55 now w/ a pre sale 4day pass but if you buy a tix for one day the day of its $60!! So if anything ill prob buy now and have that option to go more then one day if i want!

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    I found the Boba Fett, Han, Chewie/Mynock, and Flying R2! But it was at Disneyland yesterday and I refused to pay $10 for each of them. To top it off Disneyland didn't even have the new Star Tours figures. I was so bummed.

    On a good note I did find a SPider Droid and "build" your own Super Battle Droid. I passed on the Battle Droid but the Spider Droid is cool. We opened it but it doesn't walk very well as advertised.

    Good Luck.
    Ed S.

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    this was all in socal? i swear they get all the newer stuff first! even LOTR figs!


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