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    I did see 1 new item on Saturday, that was the Imperial 4-pack at TRU in hayward. I passed on it as they were all re-packed figures.

    If I recall correctly the figures in the pack are:
    Darth Vader, R4-M9 (black astromech droid), Stormtrooper, and an Imperial Officer.

    No new figures otherwise. Hopefully this will all change soon considering the advent of the new Clone Wars figures coming out!

    Hope the info helps!
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    I just went to Walmart in Mt. View and they don't have any new figures, but they did have a bunch of Action Fleet AT-ATs and Snowspeeders. They're up on top of the shelves on the next aisle over from the Action figures above the cars. There were about 6 or 7 of each.
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    i saw that and thats the only wm or any store to have any of the newer action fleet !! i went one time and saw the republic assault ship, and slave 1 in the new packaging i was hoping for a gunship but were all gone!!

    were there any new LOTR figs?

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    Originally posted by Brainiak76
    this was all in socal? i swear they get all the newer stuff first! even LOTR figs!
    Sorry I should have been clear. I got the Spider Droid at the Target in Mt View last THursday. I did not got to any stores while we were in LA.

    I did check Target and Walmart today. Nothing new aside from what was already mentioned in the last two posts.

    Ed S.

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    Imperial 4-pack

    The Imperial 4-pack is not 'just repacked' figures. The stormtrooper is a modified POTJ Sandtrooper without pauldron and backpack but he HAS articulated knees. Pretty cool to have another stormie to be able to pose differently. The ATST pilot guy is repainted Imperial body and head with AT-ST helmet. The black R4 droid is a POTJ one painted black and looks real spiffy. The Vader is an Emperorer's Wrath Vader from POTJ without the lightning effect in his head. His hand is still very cool and removable.

    Not bad for about 5 bucks a figure for army building potential. If i find another i'm grabbing it cuz it's too cool.

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    Maybe I am being rather cynical now since I haven't found anything in the longest time, but I just wasn't impressed with this set.

    I'm just not impressed. I thought the Stormtrooper was a re-issued POTF II Comm-Tech version, however I could be wrong!!!

    I'm sure the Bounty Hunter pack will be re-issues as well. If it looks like the other, I might just pass on this as well.

    I did see the 12" Gammorean Guard at KB Toys in Newark yesterday. It's not a bad looking figure, but the price of $29.99 in my opinion is a bit steep considering what it is!!!!!

    It's very well sculpted and detailed, but I can't justify $32.46 (price after tax) for a Pig-Gaurd!
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    Chiming in.

    Well, based on C_Richards find of the TRU Imperial 4-pack, I picked up one at the Emeryville TRU.

    Although one can say these are repaints or frankenstein figures, given the AT-AT commander and the R4-19, I thought it a good purchase.

    I agree with c_richards on the bounty hunter set, though. All you get new is the swoop. Now they are coming out with a Hoth Battle set. Once again, rehashes with the exception of the orange see through domed R2. Gotta love those astromechs!

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    It also has the TaunTaun with sliced open belly and "guts" which has never been produced since the early 80's. This set might be worth picking up since it is a new TaunTaun, Astromech, and the others.
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    Gam Guard makes Northbay Appearance!

    Thanks to Grayhank, I'm the proud owner of the 12" Gammorrean Guard, this summer's KB exclusive.

    This figure is a long-time "want" of mine and I gotta say it does not disappoint! Not since Han Solo galloped up the aisles at "Toys R Us" all those years ago has an entry in the Action Collection been this good! My lightsaber is raised to Hasbro for the TLC that went into bringing this green giant to life. Great detailing, superb well done costume, TWO great accessories (his hatchet & his force-pike) and a nice wrap-around package (that wasn't beat to he** like so many other Saga entries of late).

    My thanks again to Grayhank for picking up one of these bad boys for me. Hope you all find this guy....even those who don't normally go for the Action Collection should appreciate this entry!

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    yeah it is nice i saw like 3each in 2 diff kbs..but i dunno its $30 i think this is goin be around all summer!


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