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    TRU - Hayward

    Palleaon -

    Sounds like a plan, aside from the baseball cap, I'll try to find my STAR WARS baseball Jersey and wear that. I shouldn't be too hard to spot!

    See you then!

    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    some rumblings from the north....

    Well, up here in Sonoma Co we've been skunked again with the WalMart exclusives. at either store. The Windsor one has stocked the preview wave again, but they vanish within a day or so, the Jango still being the first to go.

    TRU has also received the preview wave and alledgedly the Endor vehicle set, but other than the one time Grayhank saved one there for me I have yet to see them reappear. Doesn't it figure that they get a reasonably priced, well-packaged exclusive set and the understock, but when they had the WAY overpriced dewback set, there were MOUNTAINS of them. Oh well....I hope they plenty of the AOTC 12" Mace Windus when they hit....

    KB has been getting the FX-7 wave up here for those who missed it's (very brief) appearance at WM & TRU a while back. As usual, those Rebel Troopers vanish quick....there must be an army builder up here somewhere (I'd prefer to think that as opposed to a scalper).

    Still no final word as to weather our one TRU store will be doing the midnight madness. Most of the crabby clerks that were there for the last one DON'T want to have it again, though as I pointed out to them, our crowd was polite and well-behaved (unlike the mob that was at WM later...) I hope they do...that night was one of the highlights of the Episode One experience for me & I'd love to do it again....

    Well, I'll keep hitting the WM's in hopes of snagging those two ships before the AOTC wave hits....

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    Nothing at the MT view walmart...

    I went to the Mt View Walmart at 7AM there was only 4 bespin gaurds (for $4.98). I also talked to (who I believe to be) the toy stocker. He said they haven't gotten any tie bombers or snowspeeders yet. (Besides there is no room for the vehicles on the shelves.)

    I am getting worrried that these two may get lost in the episode 2 shuffle. Some walmarts might hold these until the 23rd not knowing that these they can be released now.


    Ed S.

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    East Bay Scouting Report

    Hey there Fellow STAR WARS fans.

    Thought I would let you know that on the way in to work today, I stopped off at K-Mart in Newark. They only had the Tessek/Jar Jar (Tatooine) and Ketwol wave.

    They did have about 4 Jedi Starfighter toys in, but nothing else. I ended up walking out with 6 new Hot Wheels cars (not SW related, but still a find for me). I did meet about 4 fellow collectors, all interested in Hot Wheels, and they really blew me away at how polite they were with me, and each other. They found a case, had a stocker open it, then took it to the end cap, and as they pulled what they wanted (DIDN'T GRAB...TOOK TURNS!) they put the rest of the stuff on the pegs and left.

    This is what I am talking about. I love seeing people helping each other get things they need or want! I wished them all luck in getting what they wanted, and left happy!

    I hope your searches are going better in getting new STAR WARS toys. Take care everyone...and I will report back when I find something, or...even if I don't...just to let you all know what's where, when...etc.

    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    I scored pretty good on my trip to RI (got back last night). Went to one last Wal-Mart in RI yesterday before my trip home and managed to get 6 AOTC figures but not the ones that are being reported here on our NorCal thread. I got the Arena Battle Droid, Captain Typho, Female Tusken Raider, Young Boba Fett, Shaak Ti and Arena Plo Koon.

    I also (finally) got the Teebo wave at the Narragansett Toy Company or as it is better known on the web

    It was a pretty good trip overall. Mostly Sneak Preview figures clogging the pegs back that way. One of the Wal-marts I went to still had the exclusive 12" Maul/Sith.

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    Nice score Grayhank


    Nice score of figures. I guess that means I should get in touch with my Aunt in the Chicago area and see if she could possibly snag stuff for me!

    Pallaeon -

    Just checking and confirming that we are set to meet @ 10:00am on Saturday @ Hayward TRU. Any particular section you want to meet at? I was thinking maybe near the SW figures or near the R Zone? Your all!

    I am hoping that we might be able to set-up a small trade collaborative, in which we trade figure for figure. I'll pitch you the entire plan Saturday... This is strictly voluntary, if you don't want to trade...that's cool!

    Take care and MTFBWY
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    Thanks to Pellaeon's post, I checked the San Leandro Wal*Mart this morning and picked up 5 of the AOTC collection 1 figures. There were no collection 2 figures or TIE Bombers/Snowspeeders.

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    South bay searches

    OK I was busy today.

    Walmart in Milpitas at lunch time didn't have any tie bombers or snowspeeders. They did have Jango Fetts "nerf dart" guns and battle droid electronic blaster. I would have gotten them for my kid whose birthday is coming up next weekend but at $20 each I thought I would hold out for the $5 clearance bin in 6 months. They were not even close to being worth that much in my opinion.

    Target Sunnyvale had absolutely no star wars at all. Not even empty pegs!

    TRU sunnyvale had tons (on the order of 50ish) of Preview AOTC figures except... Jango. (Of course the only one I am looking for.) If there are any army builders out there this is the place to hit. You can pick up at least 20 clone troopers. No AT-STs.

    KB in Vallco Cupertino had the AOTC Jedi Starfighter. Even at $21.99 I couldn't resist. I figure I would just save my receipt and get the money back when the go on sale in a couple of weeks. They also had a bunch of Reble and imperial figures from the FX-7 wave.

    KB on Stevens Creek/280 had about 20 FX-7 wave on the pegs.

    Hope this helps. I am still trying to find those Walmart exclusives.
    Ed S.

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    Man, KB only wants $21.99 for the Jedi Starfighter?! TRU wants $24.99 and I think K Mart is asking for $22.99.

    On a side note, I think it sucks that Wal*Mart decided to pull their AOTC toys and delay the official release of the TIE Bomber and Snowspeeder.

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    I talked to someone who knew what was going on at Walmart Mt View

    I went to Mt View Walmart again this morning and I think my suspicion was correct. I found the toy floor manager and talked to her. She said they had tons of boxes of Star Wars stuff safe in one corner of the storage room. They have had it for over a week and a half when they carefully separated the boxes from the rest of the shipments that day. I told her that the tie bomber and snowspeeder were supposed to be allowed to sale now. She didn't know about those but I bet you they just put ALL THE STAR WARS TOYS in that "safe" pile. I bet if we showed up on the morning of the 23rd the bomber and speeder will be out there with the rest of the Star Wars AOTC toys.
    Ed S.


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