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    Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    Here is my daily report:

    TRU Santa Cruz:

    K-Mart Santa Cruz:

    Target Watsonville:
    VOTC Ben & Hans. One lone Luke Jedi OTC.

    Walmart Salinas:
    Nothing. (NOTE: The toy dept has been a mess for weeks. It's the worst I have seen of ANY store. There are no "sections", just random toys everywhere.)

    Target Salinas:
    VOTC Ben & Hans.

    TRU Salinas:

    K-Mart Salinas:
    Still one VOTC Han.

    Off topic, the TRU in Santa Cruz got in the newest series of Lord of the Rings Figures (Birthday Bilbo etc.). Just wanted to let everyone know. Also, I'm heading over to San Francisco this Sunday. Anyone know of any semi-good places that could have any OTC or VTC figs? Have a great weekend all!

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    Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    Aw nuts!

    The only place I can think of is Jeffrie's Toys. I think they are off Market. I'm not 100% sure. It's too bad FAO Schwarz is gone, and I don't recall seeing a KB or TRU anywhere in that downtown area.

    I know it's not much help, but I hope you are able to find something on your trek!
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    Welcome mintoncard!

    As of 1PM today the Kmart in Redwood City had the Cantina set with the Kit'fely(sp?)! Typical Kmart fashion, there were three left on the top shelf and turned sideways so I almost missed seeing them. So if you want them run over there soon.

    Otherwise I haven't had much luck onfinding anything lately. I think I am woefully behind. I still haven't found the following:
    03-34 __ McQuarrie Concept Stormtrooper (Fan's Choice #4)
    03-36 __ Padmé Amidala (Lars' Homestead)
    [#50] Super Articulated CloneTrooper
    [#09] J'Quille: Jabba's Sail Barge
    [#10] Tanus Spijek: Jabba's Sail Barge
    04-16 __Admiral Ozzel
    [ ] - #18 - Princess Leia - Bespin (NEW)
    [ ] - #19 - Cloud Car Pilot (NEW)
    [ ] - #20 - Lobot (NEW)

    There are others but I refuse to collect the re-packs.

    Take Care guys!
    Ed S.

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    Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    OK Target at Westgate San Jose had a bunch of new OTC. So I was able to find a Bespin Liea. I did get the Dagoba set of Luke, Yoda, R2, Spirit Kenobi. I wasn't going to get them but they were kind of neat. I like the handstand Luke.

    Ed S.

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    Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    Target Sunnyvale had a J'Quille! Well I thought I would never find one of these. I also picked up a holo Luke. I wasn't going to but it looked kind of cool and couldn't resist.

    TRU Winchester had a bunch of the classic carded figures if anyone is interested. I am going to pass on these.
    Ed S.

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    Thumbs down Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    Hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve posted……mostly because it’s been a while since I’ve found anything worth mentioning. I had a few days off from work so I scoped out my usual area (San Leandro/Hayward). I haven’t been to the Wal*Mart on Davis in well over a year, and I must say that other than the store’s new paint job, nothing has changed. They had a miserable selection of Bariss Offee and Captain Typho along with OTC lightsabers. I can’t imagine how one store (from what I’ve read) could have the OTC goods while another just has crap on the two measly pegs reserved for SW. I seriously smell something crooked going on at this particular Wal*Mart.

    Moving on, SL K-Mart had the shelf tag for the Cantina set but of course there were no sets to be found. They had one mangled VOTC Luke (an absolutely horrible looking figure in my opinion) and 12” Boba Fett with gray suit; needless to say I walked out empty-handed.

    Bayfair Target had the 12” OTC Stormtrooper and Luke along with the OTC Falcon, TIEs, X-Wings, VOTC Ben and Han, and shelf-warming Ben and Mail glasses… other words nothing worth buying. Has ANYONE seen the other three glass sets?????????

    Due to time constraints, I skipped the SL Target.

    Hayward TRU had plenty of Jedi Council scene 1 and one of Council scene 2, which I bought. They too had a lone demolished VOTC Luke. This is what really burns me up. I can’t stand people who destroy what they cannot afford to hoard, not that I wanted the Luke, but the point still remains. I’m not 100% sure, but I can say with some certainty that this doesn’t happen with other toy lines………what gives???????????

    End of report.
    "A jedi shall not know anger. Nor hatred. Nor love." - Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones

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    Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    Sorry for the lack of daily reports. Here's the long and short of it...

    TRU Santa Cruz:
    Finally got in some VOTC figs. 3 pegs full of Luke, Han, Leia, and Ben. Still no Vader or Yoda anywhere!

    KMART Santa Cruz:
    New Cantina sets as well as 2 cases of the VOTC 12" figures. (NOTE: These cases are the ones with the corrected GREY jumpsuit on Boba Fett.) I didn't grab a Cantina set because the pain looks HORRIBLE on these. Yuck!

    TARGET Watsonville:

    TRU Salinas:
    Just a few VOTC Ben and Han littering the shelves.

    All I need is the at the moment is the elusive VOTC Vader and Yoda. If anyone is willing to grab them for me, I would be very appreciative. (I have an extra Silver Clone Trooper if anyone is interested.) More store reports tomorrow....

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    Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    MOC... I am not happy that the Cantina Scene I saw at the K-Mart in Fremont/Newark wasn't a fluke! I was really disappointed with the paint application on it. The one I saw, Wuher's hands were almost completely black! Kit'ik Keed Kak looked ok, and the Dr. Evazan looked like he had too much Juri Juice and was about to fall over!

    It's really disheartening to hear of the potential of a great set become a laughing stock because of poor paint application!

    Lone Jedi - I have never seen any other glass sets except for Obi-Wan and Maul. However, I know of a few people that did manage to find the other sets. I believe they were in the San Jose area, but don't quote me on that!

    I also agree with you on the Status of the SL Wal-Mart. It is rather pathetic that they choose to focus more on Spider-Man 2 vs. Star Wars. Hopefully, that will change soon.

    As for the managled figures... All I can say is some people live by the addage of "If I can't have it, then no one can!" and will ruin a perfectly good figure. However, if there is a positive spin to be put on it, someone out there will buy the figure just to open and display. True, the $10.00 price might be a bit prohibitive for many people, but rest assured at least one person will want to have one just to open!
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    Daily Store report:

    TRU Santa Cruz:
    Last remains of the first VOTC wave.

    KMART Santa Cruz:
    Someone grabbed all the gross Cantina sets.

    TARGET Watsonville:
    FINALLY! Was surprised to find an Unleashed Bossk and Tusken Raider just hanging there. Grabbed the Bossk and left the Raider for someone else. I have to say, I think the Bossk is fantastic! Although, I wish they would have included the rest of the base as shown in the original figure mock-up. He just seems a bit smaller than the rest of my Unleashed figs. Oh well.

    TRU Salinas:
    Just a few VOTC Ben and Han figs left.

    WALMART Salinas:
    Just a big mess. No Star Wars figs. I keep hearing reports of all these WalMarts setting up these HUGE Star Wars sections. I just wish my WalMart would get in a single case of figs. (Or at least not have all the scalpers run off with them!)

    TARGET Salinas:

    KMART Salinas:
    100% nothing. (Me going there to check for toys is almost like a running joke now.)

    Anyway, that's all there is out there in my neck of the woods. Good luck to everyone out hunting this weekend. Hope you all find what you are searching for. Until next time...

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    Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    I also found the Tusken Raider Unleashed at my local Target. I picked him up and was very happy with the way he looked. I haven't found Bossk or Aayla Securra yet, but of course when I see them I'll grab them.

    Other SW News, I finally got my autographed photo of Boba Fett framed.
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader


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