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    Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    Well, I went ahead and pre-ordered the sandcrawler for southisland Price is good, almost too good. Hopefully everything comes out okay. Otherwise, it seem like we are in a bit of a dry spell. I did pick up the K-Mart 3 pack cantina exclusive. All in all, I think its a reasonable buy. The Dr. Evazon is an improvement of the original spread-legged version, and the praying mantiss is a nice addition. I recommend this one.

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    Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    Howdy All,

    Haven't been on in awhile so just catching up with what's been going on here.

    I have found the Luke and Anakin Glasses at Rohnert Park Target. Have yet to see Leia though.

    The Cantina set has been readily available at the Santa Rosa K-Mart.

    Have found most of the OTC line up to Bossk except for the Jawas, Snowtrooper and Tusken Raider. Also have the first 4 Retro figures.

    Other tidbits I've found are the Star Wars Beanies, C3PO & Vader carrying cases, Galactic Heroes 2-packs and the 2 latest Jedi Council Scenes.

    I broke down and bought a case of the Ewoks, Yoda, Biker Scout 12" figures because they have never appeared anywhere in my area.

    I'm now working back at KB Toys in Petaluma and this week we finally got in some different cases of SW figures. Specifically the case with Ephant Man who comes 3 per case. These basically flew out the door in less than 24 hours. If anyone still needs him let me know and I'll see what I can do.

    Also about people damaging figures. It's not always the case where someone deliberately destroys the figures. A lot of times they come in the case that way because those who load/unload the trucks are in a hurry dealing with hundreds of boxes. I know I don't treat every box with delicate hands. Another thing is the kids. They don't EVER put anything back where it belongs and most of the time it just ends up on the floor. They then proceed to step on things because they are just too oblivious in their excitement. This I know is a fact. I watch them do it daily in my store and I cringe when I see it happen.

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    Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    At the Pinole Target, they have had nothing but the Cup w/ Leia for about 3 weeks now.

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    Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    Daily Store report:

    TRU Santa Cruz:
    Nothing of interest.

    KMART Santa Cruz:
    The store is closing down to make way for a new Home Depot. So, with everything 30% off, I doubt they will get anything new.

    TARGET Watsonville:
    Haven't seen any new figures at this store for awhile. Nothing new today.

    TRU Salinas:
    Just a few VOTC Han & Bens hanging around.

    WALMART Salinas:
    WOW! Finally WalMart gets in some figures! Lots of the following:
    VOTC: Luke, Ben & Han
    OTC: Spirit of Obi Wan, Swamp R2, Swamp Luke, Tie-Fighter Pilot, Snowtrooper, R2-D2, C3-PO, Han Solo, & Chewbacca.

    TARGET Salinas:

    KMART Salinas:
    100% nothing.

    Anyway, that's all there is out here where I live and work. Was lucky last week and scored both VOTC Vader and Yoda from a comic shop in Salinas. The scalp-price wasn't too bad. Now, if only I can get the VOTC Lando and C3PO just as easily.... oh well. Until next time!!

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    Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    I haven't posted anything because I haven't found anything in my area(s). It's rather pathetic!

    The Wal-Mart in San Leandro is completely re-arranging all the departments. Like the Automotive and Toy departments have swapped places... Of course that means the store is in shambles, but yet still open for business. How can people buy anything, if they can't bloody FIND anything?!?!

    The K-Mart here just sucks! Occasionally they wil get something entertaining, but most of the time... it's just a bunch of stuff thrown all over the place!

    I hit Target and TRU in Newark yesterday, and if I had not bought a DVD at Target, I would have come out completely empty handed!

    The only SW related news on my end is the continuing story of my Scout Trooper costume. I'm almost there. Armor and Cod is on order and should be here very, very shortly. Helmet is modded and ready to go. Flight-suit and balaclava are in my room waiting for the call, and my boots await the blaster holster.

    One item of note, I did take the Kenner blaster that I bought, and replaced the "guts" with those of the "el cheap-o" Jango Fett Blaster that you can get at Halloween shops. I now have a blaster that sounds more "authentic" than it used to. Now, to many people that may be sacreledge since I altered an original 1983 toy... but let me assure you, I still have all the original parts, and I did NOT alter the toy in anyway except to install the new innards. No plastic was shaved, cut, or otherwise removed during the process. Heck, it even still runs on 2 "C" cell batteries!

    Other than that... nothing new to talk about.
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    I hit every store in my area that I could think of... 3 Targets, 2 Wal-Marts, K-Mart, Toys R Us, etc.

    I found Lando and 3P0 VOTC figures at the old Target. I actually found somone's stash... so, I took the ones I wanted.. and being the "evil" person I am... put the rest of the stash back on the pegs so everyone else could have a fair chance on getting a "Vintage" Vader, Yoda, Lando, 3PO, or others.

    It was a relatively good haul for me!
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    I know, it's been awhile since I last posted... but I'm back. (Working in the television industry with all the volcano eruptions, white sharks, dead whales and debates happening can cramp anyone's online social life.)


    A few weeks ago, I went to the WalMart here in Salinas. There, I discovered a freshly opened box of new VOTC figs. But to my surprise, someone had already been there, got the ones they wanted, and FULLY BENT THE PLASTIC CASE OF EVERY OTHER FIGURE IN HALF. I couldn't believe it. So, I just simply went home, got online, found the lowest price on the 4 remaining VOTC figures that I needed and just ordered them.

    The entire "scalping/vandalizing" things for just an action figure was just getting to me. Hasbro should just make every figure available to order on their website like McFarlane does. I understand supply and demand, but it's just getting ridiculious.

    On the plus-side, I returned to the same WalMart just last week and they had JUST put out a new case of current OTC figures! And not a scalper in sight! I quickly just got the ones I needed and left the rest hopefully for another honest collector. Here's what my grand haul consisted of:

    otc 23 - Tuskin Raider
    otc 24 - Jawas
    otc 29 - Darth Vader (Hoth)
    otc 30 - Gamorean Guard
    otc 31 - Bib Fortuna
    otc 32 - Lando Skiff Guard
    otc 33 - Leia Slave
    otc 34 - Vader (Death Star)
    otc 36 - General Madine
    otc 37 - Lando General

    Must have just missed getting the Endor Han and the Imperial Trooper.
    Those are the last two I need to complete my collection (for now anyway).

    I hope all of you have just as good luck as I did!


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    Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    Any other Sacramento area collectors in here? This is my first posting in here.

    I went to about 4 Targets, 3 Wal Marts, and 2 TRU today. There was tons of Spirit Obi Wan's everywhere. One of the Targets even only had one figure on the peg. It has been like this for a week now. I did see a VOTC Darth and VOTC Lando at Toys R US. One Wal Mart had about 60 VOTC figures..All Luke, Han, and Obi Wan Also found 3 12" Boba Fetts. But that is about it.

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    Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    Hey Guys,
    Just thought I would drop in a 'goodbye'. I moved last month to DC for work. We maybe back in 1 year but I plan on making it permanent. I work for NASA and am now on the new Lunar/Mars project. Very cool stuff.

    I have to say I did have some luck on finding figures out here. But it is still hit or miss.

    Take Care,
    Ed S.

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    Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    First off, fightoned -

    I apologize for this being late. I am sorry to hear that you have moved, but I am happy to hear that you're on the new Lunar/Mars team. That's very cool! I wish you the best, and please keep in touch!

    Now... on to my post. I have completed the 2004 OTC figures (the ones I needed/wanted) and the VOTC lines.

    I only got 7 of the OTC figures since a majority of them appeared to be re-issues. As for the VOTC figures, I picked up all 12, and even picked up an Extra Fett to open up. Sacrilidge? Possibly. But, he's too cool to keep him in his plastic coffin.

    I have to thank Pellaeon for his help in getting some of the figures I needed/wanted. I couldn't of finished the set off w/o his help! Thanks good sir, and I will look for those figures when I am on R&R in December.

    No signs of the 2005 OTC figures yet... but I am optimistic that it will be only a matter of time until I find them!
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader


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