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    TRU has alot of Preview Figures....

    Check the one in SJ (off of Capitol?) and Daly City. They have plenty of Jangos and Clone Troopers as well as the potential pegwarming R3-t7 and Zam.

    Kmart does indeed leaked Ep 2 toys...aside from the other reports of Deluxe Figs and Starfighters....I've seen Ani and Zam's speeders and The Reek.

    Also seen the Jedi Dex at the SM Kmart. Can't believe Krapmart has new stuff.

    The Bomber and Speeder still has not landed in my home....I was almost tempted to buy one from a scalper at a toy show but the $50 price tag kinda snapped me out of it.....<sigh>

    Walmart I hate you!! You and your ******* yellow smiley face can kiss my arse!

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    East Bay reporting in

    Hello fellow SW collectors.

    Thought I'd report in and tell you about what's out.
    Like you already don't know

    K-Mart - Newark
    No Episode II Merchandise out, including Jedi Starfighters. only figures hanging were the Ketwol wave.

    Suncoast Motion Picture Company - Newpark Mall - Newark
    I picked up the Version B poster for AOTC. They want $24.99 for that, and they also had a few of the teaser posters left. No other Episode II Merchandise at this time.

    Toys R Us - Newark
    They had a ton of the preview figures hanging. I counted at least 1 & 1/2 Dozen Jangos, Clone Troopers and Zams. They also had a few of the Duros and Ketwol wave. I saw at least a good dozen of the AT-ST sets, still have the old 12" hard palstic Chewie, and about 6 of the 12" Sandtrooper and Dewbacks for $28.99 each.

    Nothing else new in the area. I did not hit Target, K&B or other shops.

    Hope the info helps!

    HH and MTFBWY
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    Hey C_richards, Thanks for the update. I just got back from TRU Newark and picked up the last Jango Fett. I can't believe within a few hours a dozen or so of them sold so fast.
    Ed S.

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    Glad to be of help


    Glad to be of assistance. I am a bit surprised they sold so quickly too. When I was there, about 1:45 or so, there was hardly anyone in the store, and only 1 person near the Star Wars toys.
    I guess they still are hot....if you can find them!

    Glad you got what you needed and wanted.

    Good luck in all your future hunts, and...
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    Something new...finally.....Walmart still a hive of scum and villany

    hey guys, i was in the southbay today and actually had a mildly sucessful toy run. Here's the latest:

    Sunnyvale Kmart (off Lawr. expwy)- All 4 AOTC Deluxe figures (they are sooo cool btw)

    Mtn Walmart - Nothing

    Mtn Target - Nothing, but Deluxe POTJ figs were clearanced to under $8.

    Sunnyvale TRU - Nothing

    Milpitas Walmart- ONE SNOWSPEEDER!!
    I almost killed myself getting up on the topshelf to get it as it looks like someone had tried to hide this among some Power Ranger toys. Also there were a fleet of Jedi Starfighters hidden way up on a shelf so the kids or collectors CAN'T buy 'em. WTF???? suck, no bones about it.

    Oh well, sorta successful as I didn't get the elusive exclusive Tie Bomber. I think this has become my holy grail....<sigh>
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    Cool finds, IG-89. Just a few more days until we'll all be able to get those AOTC toys!

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    Oh yeah, I forgot to ask you IG-89: you were actually able to buy the AOTC deluxe figures at Wal*Mart?

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    I picked up Lee's Toy Review #114 today and it contains the first part of the latest Star Wars Build A Guide. For anyone who doesn't know what this is, it's a very comprehensive list of everything POTF2 to Present. It has nice pics and even includes pics of variations and what they are. Lee's usually spreads it out to 3 issues which you can then remove and insert into a binder. It's pretty cool and very informative. Go get one right now!!!

    Don't know if this is an error or not but Lee's lists the TIE Bomber as being a Target exclusive and the Snowspeeder as a Wal-Mart exclusive. I have heard that they are both Wal-Mart exclusives but now I'm not so sure. I hope that it is an error because I really hate Target and the way they handle their exclusives and general hatred towards collectors.

    My good friend JediBear (thanks for the quick cell call!!!) and myself managed to get an early start on E2 stuff this week. It seems that our local K-Mart put the goods out early (guess this makes up for our TRU not doing the midnight madness thing). I ended up getting the first 14 Basic Carded figures, 1 Deluxe Figure and the Reek Beast. They also had Zam Wesell's Speeder but they were all messed up. Then there was also the board games: Star Wars Stratego, Life and another one (can't remember which one it was).

    Here is a word of warning for anyone on a tight budget: Out of the first 14 figures, the one to get is R2-D2, as that one seems to be in shortest supply. Followed by Padme, Super Battle Droid and Kit Fisto. I forsee young Boba Fett as being the pegwarmer of the year because that one was in great abundance.

    Happy hunting!!!

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    I meant I found the Deluxe figs at Kmart in Sunnyvale....not Walmart. know Walmart is sucking when I get them confused with Krapmart.


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    AOTC K-Mart?

    IG-89.. you've done've made me want to go to K-Mart! The K-Mart in Newark had not AOTC figures, but I haven't checked on the K-Mart in SL.

    I plan to go to Borders today to see if they might have any AOTC books out a bit early. If I find anything, I'll be sure to report in!

    HH and MTFBWY
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader


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