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    Thanks IG-89!
    I stopped by Kmart Sunnyvale on my way to work and picked up all four deluxe figures ($10.99 each) including....
    Jango Fetts Slave1 ($29.99), Zam and Anakin's speeders ($12.99 each). Dozens of each are on the shelves. Someone who can't read english has been busy at Kmart!

    Is it just me or was the Slave 1 over priced? I got the Starfighter for 21.99 and they seem to be of the same level of quality. Just wondering.
    Ed S.

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    Jango's Slave I

    How's the Slave I look? I'm sure it is a much better sculpt, design, or mold than Boba's but are there any really cool features on it? I haven't gotten mine yet.
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    Cool finds, guys. I checked Super K Mart last weekend, all they had were the three new board games: Stratego, Life, and Epic Duels. I passed on all of them since the box art is hideous and the price was high at $20+ a piece. The only things I bought were 3 bags of Frito Lay chips and 3 boxes of Go-Gurts sporting the AOTC logos.

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    Just breezed by the SR Kmart late this afternoon...still had plenty of Boba's, Capt. Typhos, BattleDroids, a few of the Tusken Mamas, Shaak Ti and a couple Ani's....also still had two Reeks and the full case of the speeders (as Grayhank pointed out, ALL of 'em were dinged on the fronts...from the way these are packed, getting a mint one's gonna prove a challenge).

    Many thanks to "Maria" at Kmart for giving us an edge!

    So far (& for the moment, my favorite figure is Kit Fisto...he is really cool lookin'! Can't wait to see this guy in action!

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    I agree with the packaging of the speeders. I don't see how these boxes are going to stay mint. Just about all the ones I saw were dinged.

    Of the deluxe jango fett - I opened it. He is cool and all but the back pack was so overly large to support the speaker system that it looks funny on him. Personally if I was Hasbro I would have thought of something else for a deluxe capability.

    On the Slave 1 - I haven't opened it yet but the box does show all the neat stuff it can do. It looks like it is an upgrade to Boba's Slave 1.
    Ed S.

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    Unhappy Nothing on this end of the bay...yet!

    Nothing on this end yet. It appears all the stores have gotten "smart" and haven't put any new products out. If I can't check to see, I have my parents look and both of them continue to tell me nothing new.

    Oh well, I'll have to re-read my Jango Fett one shot, and see about getting the Graphic Novel to tide me over until the 23rd. It's ok, it's only another 4 days before toys flood the market!

    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    FAO Schwarz in SF

    Hey guys, i just pre-ordered the Shuttle Tyderium at FAO. I know it's $125 bucks and all but i figure it's the last chance this thing will ever get made and i never could afford the vintage one and there weren't many made anyway. i been wanting this sucker since forever.

    Also, what's scaring me is that I was told that i was already the 120th one to call today at the SF store---and what's funny is that today has been their busiest day in awhile. At a run of about 5,000 worldwide I just hope i made the cut.

    Anywaze, the # is 415-394-8700 in case you're interested.

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    Hey, IG-89, I just got off the phone with the SF FAO and pre-ordered mine as well. The guy I talked to said they only took like 6 orders total since yesterday, so I'm pretty sure you'll get your shuttle. I opted to pick it up myself to save on shipping though. Ah, a merry christmas it will be in 2002!

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    I stopped at Kmart Sunnyvale again today. They keep opening those boxes marked "Don't open until 4/23". Anyway this time it was the Anakin's and Dooku's lightsabers. I picked up Anakin's for my son.

    I also went to Walmart based on the Milpitas Snowspeeder find recently. I found another toy floor manager and showed her a print out of the SKUs for the Bomber and Snowspeeder. She knew exactly what I was talking about before I said two words. She said they only got 4 snowspeeders and they sold within a couple of hours one morning a week or two ago. This has me greatly worried about finding these two vehicles...

    ...and now I have to shell out $125 for the Shuttle Tyderium. Ugh! I may take a chance and see if any end up on the store shelves.

    I also opened the Slave 1. It is built like a rock. I am very impressed when comparing it to the Boba Slave 1.
    Ed S.

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    Talking Madera, CA

    Hey all, low and behold I decided to drop by my Wal Mart in Madera today and guess what I found?

    1 of each Tie Bomber and Snowspeeder. Go for it.


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