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    East Bay Reporting In!

    Oh you guys....did my weekend ever ROCK!

    Aside from seeing Scorpion King (good movie btw), and hanging out with my friend on Saturday....I managed to find a lot!

    Saturday - SL Wal-Mart.
    I was over near the bikes and looked where the kepted the boxed power wheels, and low and behold, but a box of Episode II figures were there. I pulled out one of each figure I could find, and proceeded to check out. Of course I was given the "Sale Not Allowed" line, and an assistant manager with a really snotty with me. I got another assitant manager, and he said to allow the sale and rang up the figures.

    I ended up getting:

    Anikan Skywalker - Hanger Duel
    Kit Fisto
    Clone Trooper
    Zam Wessel - Bounty Hunter
    Jango Fett - Kamino Escape

    Sunday - K-Mart - SL
    I walked through the toys section and found the Booster packs for the new STAR WARS CCG from Wizards of the Coast. The boosters were only $1.49 each, so I bought all they had. I also found a Jr. Novelization of Episode II and picked that up as well. I'll be sending SirSteve scans of the booster pack wrapper, as well as a scan of the recipt from the Wal-Mart purchase, and even a scan of the flyer I got from TRU in Hayward advertising Midnight Madness....

    HH and MTFBWY
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    Anyone going to be in the Modesto area tonight?

    I live in Merced, which is between Modesto and Fresno. I know WalMarts in Ceres and Modesto are 24 hours, so tell me if anyone is going to be in that area. I might be around there tonight!

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    TRU - Hayward

    Here's the flyer from TRU in Hayward....ENJOY!
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    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    anything open at midnight over on the peninsula side?

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    It is very possible, however, I am not sure. I would recommend you call 1-800-869-7787 (on the flyer that I got) and see if there are any stores in your area that are open at midnight!

    Hope the info helps!
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    The countdown begins!

    With less than 24 hours to go before we can officially buy Episode II Merchandise, I figured I'd be nice and show you all the scan from the wrapper of the Booster packs for the STAR WARS CCG that is coming out from WOTC

    For all you CCG fans, you know what I said, for those that are unfamiliar with the term CCG or WOTC, here's a breakdown

    CCG - Customizable/Collectible Card Game
    WOTC - Wizards of the Coast

    Boosters are packs of cards, designed to give you more cards so you can build a "deck" and play against an opponant.

    Booster packs have 5 cards in them and retail for $1.49 at K-Mart in SL.

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    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    What did you all find and where? Only #'s 1-14 at Redwood City TRU for basic figures. All the rest was there, however. Any where in the bay with 15-dooku wave? any left?

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    No Dooku, Yoda, Anakin (Hangar Duel) here in So. Cal. I'm wondering if they even were in the cases of 4/23 releases now? But they've been picked up at other stores right? So... um... what's going on? Should we hit opening tomorrow morning? (Like I need to ask, I know I'll be there)

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    So the bigger many were lucky in finding the TIE Bomber and Snowspeeder? I arrived at WM at about 7:15, and there was only one Bomber left, and about six or so Speeders. Needless to say, I was relieved. Anyone else?

    As far as AOTC product, lots of stuff at WM, but I only picked up about 10 or so. They did have the Yodas, and I saw someone with a Dexter. Strangely, no 12-inch figures.
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