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    I got to Walmart a minute after Stormie and there were no TIE Bombers left. I am so bummed especially when I saw someone with 4 of them in their cart. Ugh! I did get a snowspeeder.

    I also only picked up 10 figures. I didn't see any Dooku, Jettster, Geonosian, etc.

    Nice to meet you Stormie!
    Ed S.

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    Anyone find Luminaria/Taun We/Royal Guard?

    Anyone? I heard they are out there, but I did not get them. I have all the others.

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    Anyone find Dooku, Luminara, or Taun We? If so where?

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    East Bay...oh you know!

    Hey all.....

    Sorry I took so long....I had to get some work done first.

    I went to K-Mart in Newark at 8:00am
    There were only 3 people including myself that were looking for AOTC stuff.

    I got:

    Basic Figures:
    Boba Fett - Kamino Escape
    Padme Amidala - Arena Escape
    Tusken Raider Female with Child

    Deluxe Figures:
    Anikan Skywalker
    Count Dooku
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Mace Windu

    Jango Fett's Slave I

    Role-Play / Weaponry
    Dooku's Lightsaber
    Anikan's Lightsaber
    2x Jango Fett's Blaster Pistols

    My mom was able to pick up 11 Figures at Wal-Mart...what ones I have no idea, and another 1 at K-Mart in SL.

    K-Mart figures are $6.99.....HIGHER than Wal-Mart. What does Target have their figures set at? I haven't hit them yet...I plan to later tonight!
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    Amend my post

    Whoops....did I ever make a blunder.

    I want to amend my post about the DELUXE figures I bought.
    I didn't get Anikan. It was Jango Fett. A Deluxe Anikan doesn't even exist....yet!

    I am so sorry if I confused any of you, or made you think there was a 5th Deluxe figure out.

    My bad!
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    Don't stay on Target............ at $6.99???

    Target has their basic figs at $6.99. They basically had only #1 to 14 at the FC Target.

    By the way, my trips to Walmart and Midnight madness have left me 4 figures short....Royal Guard, Dooku, Luminara and Taun We.

    I asked a TRU employee and he told me was allowed to 'purchase a few items before the doors opened'-- translation, he and his buddies picked out all the Royal Guards and Luminari's et. al.....

    Yeah I was able to snag a Bomber at MV Walmart and for that I'm finally happy but a few things left a very bad taste in my mouth....

    1. One oversized red neck nascar fan whom i know only 'collects' hotwheels kept asking around what is short-packed! He didn't even know who Anakin was. argh!

    2. A cart loaded with 4 or 5 tie bombers.

    3. The TRU employees who had 1st pickings and guys who were hoarding the Yodas.

    Anywaze, i'm satisfied with what i got but i should have expected that events like this brings out the worst in ppl sometimes. I also waited at SM TRU and for the most part the crowd there was cooperative and relatively peaceful. Thanks God we didn't have the chaos that we had 3 yrs ago.


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    Central Cali reporting...

    Well, after a brutal night I would say the first place I went to I scored best - it was the Ceres WalMart.

    There, I got a dooku, luminari, Taun We, dexter, yoda.

    Kinda funny, not many people were there at the time I got there. What's more, I bought a Dooku and left behind another one. Hope some lucky feller picked it up. Also, There were about 10 total Snow Speeders and Tie Bombers there.

    No stores had Bespin Luke and up (28 and up).

    Modesto was trashed (8 miles north of Ceres). Nothing much there in terms of the rarities.

    Merced WalMart had mostly Collection 1. Target was the same. Kay Bee had quite a few good Collection 2 there. I got a Royal Guard and Geonesian Warrior there. Toys R Us was okay too.

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    Plenty of Taun We's here at Vallejo TRU, but no Dooku, and very few Royal Guards.

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    Quick Update:
    I skipped the obligatory "eating-a-meal" during lunch time to hop in the truck and scout the stores in RWC. The Target had nothing! Unless they're someplace else, there was no new figures anywhere. The TRU looked pretty picked through. Overheard the TRU employeed telling another customer that they only received 14 different figures...and they look like all the common ones. No 12-inch Clone Troopers left, but a few Obi-Wans and Anakins. The Kmart had a section near the towels and bedding (of all places) that contained pretty much the same assortment as TRU...but in fewer quantities. No 12-inchers to be seen. That's it! Hope it helps.

    p.s. - Good to meet you too fightoned (Ed)!
    I am blind to the value of this pain...

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    Thanks to RooJay for the Vallejo report. I ran out there and got a Royal Guard and Taun We. Now all I need is a Luminara.


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