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    I'd just recently joined this forum, and looking back at the older posts I realized all the Orn Taa Free's were picked up around end of May/beginning of June. And it seems that it was mostly found in WM or Target.

    And I've been only checking out TRU... Damn!

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    Originally posted by Lonely Padme
    Nothing new at TRU at Sunnyvale, San Carlos or Foster City.

    What's more disappointing, is that they are restocking the pegs with old stuff.

    One nice find was a POTJ Amedda Mas figure.
    Were there any Amedda left and where exactly did you find him?
    Ed S.

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    lonely padme
    i have a extra orn fre taa, qui gon, and massiff to return/get rid of
    if you need

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    Originally posted by fightoned

    Were there any Amedda left and where exactly did you find him?
    No, it was the only one. It was at the Sunnyvale TRU.
    Once in a while they have some interesting POTJ figures. They don't look particular MIMC, and they certainly don't look like they took out fresh cases (otherwise there would be multiples).
    I'm almost guessing that someone returned it.

    I once saw an Aurra Sing and a Queen Decoy. I regretted for not getting it because it was gone the next day.

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    Originally posted by Thunder408
    lonely padme
    i have a extra orn fre taa, qui gon, and massiff to return/get rid of
    if you need
    Thanks Thunder408, I've sent you a PM.

    BTW, I've just found out about the Private Message stuff. Cool!

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    Registered c_richards's Avatar
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    Feb 2002
    SF Bay Area - East Bay, California

    East Bay reporting in!

    Howdy Howdy Howdy......

    Thought I'd let you know the latest in my area.... Not A Damn thing!

    Newark - TRU
    Mostly old stock. No Orn Free Taa wave, but pleanty of Vader/Luke wave. Also had a lot of the FX-7 and Bo Shek Wave.

    Newark - Target (Newpark Mall)
    Same old same old. They had a few Nexu's and Ani's, but nothing new in terms of figures.

    Newark - K&B (Newpark)
    A lot of the Luke/Vader wave, and the old stuff

    Newark - Suncoast Motion Picture Company (Newpark)
    I went there with the intention to get the movie Popeye on VHS (we want to do an MST3K thing on a really bad film), but they did have new glass AOTC Steins, tins, and a lot of the Bo Shek/Teebo Wave.

    SL - Target
    Nothing new.... Did see a lot of the Luke/Vader wave though.

    SL - K-Mart
    Zip, Zero, Zilch, Nada, Nathan, NOTHING!!!!!

    Hope the info helps....
    Happy Hunting and MTFBWY!
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    Nothing new at silver creek target or blossom hill wal mart.

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    Stonestown KB had a few unleashed figures today (both Maul and Jango & Boba), not much else.

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    landess target, mckee tru
    diddly squat!

    however, nice to see at target the lego final duel ii set (? the one with the imperial, stormtrooper, and luke) temporarily being marked down to 5.74 from 6.99, which simply amounts to cheaper army builders

    fightoned, were you looking for an Amedda? I'm not quite sure if I have an extra but if you are, let me know then i can dig through my carded figure boxes to find out if I do (and heck, I haven't looked at my carded figures in a while)

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    yeah Hing4lkw I am still looking for an amedda. That would be great if you have one extra. I don't have much extras to trade so I would rather buy it off of you. Thanks again!
    Ed S.


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