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    Saw a semi MIB EP1 Federation Driod Fighters for $4.99 at Sunnyvale TRU (I don't collect vehicles).

    Should be in th Simpsons section if you can still find it.

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    Scouting Run from East Bay

    Hello all-

    I hope you had a good weekend, and managed to get some good stuff. Sorry to day that I came back empty handed.

    Friday night - Walked Newpark Mall again.
    Target - Showed signs of restock, but only Vader/Luke wave.

    K&B - Same assortment as Target, also had the Mace/Jango wave in good quantities.

    TRU - Only Vader/Luke wave along with older POTF figures like Bo Shek, R4-M9, Teebo, Zutton, etc.


    TRU - Hayward
    Had the Vader/Luke wave in. My friend that works there said they had the Han and Orn Free Taa waves on Thursday. He picked up the last Solo (grey button) but held off on Orn Free Taa

    Target - San Leandro
    Tons of the Luke/Vader wave hanging...a few of the Deluxe Nexus and Anis...

    K-Mart - San Leandro
    No signs of a restock since 4/23

    K&B - Bay Fair Mall - San Leandro
    Remnants of the Orn Free Taa wave left. No signs of the Massiff, pleanty of Orn Free Taa, a few troops (looks like Kevin Smith/Silent Bob), and only one Qui-Gon. I asked the girl there if they had any Djas Puhr or Palpatine in the back, she told me everything was out and another shipment was coming in Tuesday.

    whether this shipment has Puhr/Palpatine, who knows....


    Southland Mall - Hayward
    K&B - Pleanty of 4/23 figures, a few remants of the Luke/Vader wave, and one Endor Soldier on a really bent up card.

    Wal-Mart - San Leandro
    Same as most of the other stores. Had a good quantity of the STAR WARS Unleashed out. Only had Jango and Maul.

    I did pick up an extra Endor Trooper for my TRU Buddy, but that's it. I'm sure this is also a bit off the subject, but if anyone is interested in getting some STAR WARS T-Shirts, I suggest you hit Sears in Souhtland Mall, and also Hot Topic in Bayfair Mall. Both had a few STAR WARS shirts, and if they would have had some in my size, I would have bought a few!

    Take care all...and MTFBWY!
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    Blossom Hill Walmart had several unleashed figures and some 12" Jangos. Silver Creek Target had nada. Maybe tommorrow?

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    Nothing as of 4PM today at:

    Target Sunnyvale
    TRU Sunnyvale
    KB Stevens/280
    KB Valco
    Kmart Sunnyvale

    Where are Dajs Puhr/Palpatine, and the Aclay!

    Ed S.

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    "Where are Djas Puhr/Palpatine, and the Acklay!"

    They're on their way to my mailbox, thanks to!

    I just can't stand to keep looking in every store every day...

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    thanks mola ram

    saw the 12" jango for the 1st time...
    looks pretty cool
    had to get one
    thanks again

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    hey guys, noticed kbtoys have been getting the playskool sets again, they are pretty cool. Also Eastridge mall kb has a ton of unleashed figures both Boba and Maul, they also had a few 12inch Jango's..

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    Nothing new at blossom hill walmart. Silver Creek Target got more bespin wave in but nothing else. Kmart on Blossom hill also had nothing.

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    Greetings everyone.
    I have a question for you all....granted this may not be the right area for it, and please forgive me, but I thought I would ask.

    Does anyone here think the Endor Rebel Trooper looks like Kevin Smith (Silent Bob)? I have shown the figure to a few of my friends, and they all agree he does.

    I hopefully will be able to break away later today to make a run to K-Mart to pick up a few non-SW related items (the Aerosmith CD, and MIB II soundtrack)

    I may have not told you, but I did manage to get Puhr/Palpatine from, and I just got a mail from my buddy in Arizona, saying he came across a pallett full of the new SW figures including Puhr/Palpatine at his local Wally World.

    He picked up a Palpatine for himself and said it looks pretty decent!

    Now I want mine even more!!!!!!

    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    Nothing new at Sunnyvale TRU and San Carlos TRU.


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