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    Nothing new at Blossom Hill Walmart

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    I took a ride to Target in SL last night. I wasn't able to break away from work, clients starting to go bonkers before an extended weekend.

    Anyways, as I mentioned, I did get one of the CD's I was looking for (Aerosmith), and did a brief run through on the toy department.

    Absolutely nothing. Remnants of the Mace/Jango and the Luke/Vader waves still hung on the pegs, no new 12", creatures, or anything at all! I hate to say it but it appears that the Target -SL well has dried up for the moment.

    They COULD (emphasis on could) get a massive influx of material, but from what I have witnessed in the past I am thinking that's just wishful thinking. Unless they have a lot of merchadise in the back they are not putting on the floor!!!!!!

    Oh well...
    Take care everyone, have a great holiday weekend, and
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    Nothing new at Silvercreek Target. They've only received one shipment of the palpatine but the bespin wave seems to just keep coming and coming.

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    went to Walmart Union City tonight at 9pm. I found 4 Acklays, 1 Ultimate Jango, 4 Nexus, about 20 boxes of Collection 2 Wave 4 (Orn Free and friends), and a box of Unleashed Figures. I bought an Acklay.

    In all liklihood, the Acklays and Unleashed figures should be gone by 2am this morning (july 4). But if you need Orn, ERS, geo w/ massif, and qui-gon then there should be plenty. happy hunting.
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    Finally got the palpatine and djas. There is a bunch of them at blossom hill walmart and some massif, orn fre taa, and endor soldier also. Happy fourth of july!

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    Following mola ram's lead the Walmart at MV had everything. Mostly palp's, endor soldier and djas. I was lucky to finally found orn free taa and massiff. Also tons of qui gon jinn.

    Better go fast, cause I saw a scalper hogging everything!!!

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    I too found the Djas/Palpy wave at the MV Wal-Mart yesterday. I saw that Orn Free and the Massiff...glad an actual collector got 'em, and not some loser looking to score a few bucks. I was also amazed at the number of Geonosian Warriors they had. No Acklays, though.
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    Oh yeah, there were lots of unleashed figures at MV walmart too. They didn't interest me that much cause I don't collect them.

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    So nobody has seen unleashed Anakin yet, right?

    I can't wait for the unleashed Anakin & Padme.... *sigh*

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    Great I knew this would happen. I go on vacation and then Dajs comes out! Ugh! Could someone in the south bay do me a favor and pick one up for me? (I don't care about the Palpatine just yet.) I won't be back in SJ until the 20th.

    Thanks much!
    Ed S.


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